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  1. Master Oogway

    DOE of Kazoku

    Got a lot of respect for @Yu-kun14. It’s good to see you in a government position again. Good luck going forward!
  2. Master Oogway

    SNN: Springtime for Shifty

    Oh god, seeing Thomas and Morgan handle FA is giving me a stroke. Have you two not learned anything over the years!?
  3. Ngl, this makes me happy to see. I remember introducing you to the game all those years back (something I can only apologise to you for!), and to see you now lead an alliance fills me with happiness. From an apprentice to King! The right person for the job. I wish you all the best in leading SK forward, no doubt you will find success. And congrats Brook on his retirement! It feels good, right?
  4. welcome to the party, SK! good luck & have fun
  5. Master Oogway

    I'm lost, what'd Boki do with the keys?

    Nice to see you take the lead of an alliance, Verin. Good luck, Elysium!
  6. Master Oogway

    House Tyrell Merges into Elysium (With Recent Events)

    Coming from a member of BK? Lmfao Congrats on the merger. Way better than what @Squeegee had planned anyway
  7. Master Oogway

    Cerberus Is Dead, Long Live Cerberus!

    You and I both. Sad to see but good luck to the Cerb members joining IoM!
  8. Master Oogway

    Frostbite Announcement

    Congrats on the changes, hope they work out for ya
  9. meh, if your disbandment is imminent, why not go out with 1 last bang? Even if it is for allies you've been saying you're gonna drop for the past 6 months Regardless, good luck and have fun!
  10. Master Oogway

    Something Dynamic™

    Since Silent War iirc. Hopefully a better experience this time, hehe.
  11. Master Oogway

    Something Dynamic™

    Nice to be on the same side as Rose for once. Good luck and have fun! o/
  12. Congratulations on the coup, @Boki Good luck to the new gov in moving forward. It's been a pleasure working with ya all, but irl stuff comes first
  13. Master Oogway

    Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend

    Who are you again?

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