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  1. Name Withheld Turns 2! Two years ago today, Name Withheld was born. It's been an incredible journey. Thank you to all of those who have played a role in it: current and former members, allies of past and present. Now, it wouldn't be an NW post without an Internal Memo. So, enjoy, and come say hi in our discord! [REDACTED] O5-0: The Resurrected O5-1: The Pilot O5-2: The Spaceman O5-3: Nine-tails O5-4: The Dreamer
  2. Wishing you all the best going forward, CTO. Hopefully we get the chance to work together again.
  3. o/ to new friends! Looking forward to working with you. ❤️
  4. Sing along with us! In the spirit of friendship, mutual respect, and a desire for a new adventure, Name Withheld, Black Knights, and The Knights Radiant announce a new sphere, although the sphere theme and name is currently... withheld. Bye! Signed, Name Withheld The Knights Radiant Black Knights
  5. Happy retirement, friend. Keep in touch. 😘
  6. Happy birthday, friends! Here's to the next 7 years. 🍻
  7. I kinda agree that a cultural change to something less brutal and less mocking would be beneficial, and it does get tiresome watching people being mocked to the point they no longer wish to interact with the community. I'm not sure if news servers are the cause of this but rather further ingrains that culture, it was certainly an issue way before those servers got popularised. If I was a new player and on the receiving end of that treatment, I sure as hell wouldn't stay. On the broader argument that we should be helping out individuals or groups - I don't really see the logic of why we should be expected to compromise our own FA/security. The game itself needs to do a much better job at explaining the game mechanics to new players. That would be a better place to start in regards to player retention. Hasn't that been on Alex's agenda for at least 2 years? 😛
  8. A good match. Congratulations & best of luck!
  9. Good luck SK 2.0, you've picked great protectors.
  10. ayy lmao..did I do it right? Can't wait to see where this takes us
  11. I am pleased to announce that Name Withheld and The Black Knights have come together in the spirit of friendship and dank memes to sign an MDP. NW + BK = ❤️ Preamble Name Withheld and The Black Knights (from this point referred to as the signatories) sign these accords in a presentation of friendship, respect and shared ideals. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the following Mutual Defense Pact. Article 1: Defense The signatories agree that in times of war, they shall work together to assist in the rapid elimination of any threat to either alliance, be that mutual or personal. Article 2: Aid The signatories agree to work for the mutual benefit of both parties economically and politically. Article 3: Intelligence The signatories agree to share important information with one another to promote security. Important information is recognised as any information that could have a direct impact upon either signatory. Article 4: Peace Both signatories agree that no members of either party shall attack the other, directly or indirectly. Article 5: Cancellation Should either signatory wish to exit this pact, a minimum of 72 hours worth of notice is required before termination of this agreement. This notice must be given in private to the main government of the other signatory. Signed for Name Withheld: [REDACTED] O5-1: The Pilot O5-2: The Resurrected O5-3: Nine-tails O5-4: The Dreamer Signed for The Black Knights:
  12. Happy birthday, friends. Here’s to the next 2,000 🍻
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