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  1. Make the Church Great Again!

  2. I am legend

  3. Hola, Hablo espanol 

  4. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” - Sun Tzu

  5. who are these gooners? 

  6. so many noobs these days

  7. Why am I here? 

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    2. Rimski


      because ur mum gay lmao

    3. Keza Purple
    4. Gandalf


      Why wouldn't you want to be here...that is the question!

  8. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag 

    1. Rimski


      That there are different variations of me and most people dont care which colour they just want to use you and then throw you away and then you are waste, in the ocean with tonns of your own kind in different styles whom have shared the same fate as you?

    2. Patrick Higgins

      Patrick Higgins

      People say I’m trash does that count

  9. This is boring. 

    1. Tali
    2. Rimski


      Ur mum told me ur boring x D

  10. The Calm Before the Storm 

    1. Rimski


      The Storm before the Calm

    2. Insert Name Here

      Insert Name Here

      Smh Keza, don't go tipping people off about #CoupZed2k17... It's supposed to be a sekrit.

    3. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™
  11. "Times of great calamity and confusion have been productive for the greatest minds. The purest ore is produced from the hottest furnace. The brightest thunder-bolt is elicited from the darkest storm."
    -Charles Caleb Colton

    1. Rimski


      smh lolol

    2. Madden8021


      Now that's something I have never seen before.

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