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  1. Happy birthday to us! It's been an honour to be part of this journey. 5 more will come, i'm sure of it!
  2. You're the one making baseless assertions. I'm just pointing flaws in your argument, also, you're changing the subject now, i'm not comparing OWR to micros, i'm comparing my "semi-dead" alliance to all alliances in PnW and saying that if we're dead you're in an even worse position. Now if you want to have an enlightened convo, then please do provide evidence as to why we're Semi-dead, and i'll be happy to reply.
  3. According to your faulty logic, over 80% of PnW is Semi-dead. If that's the case, you're alliance ain't even born yet.
  4. "Semi-Dead"... Just give a look at your alliance page mate... I rest my case 😘
  5. Funny, but i was never inactive 😘
  6. No need, i'm here to stay! 🤞
  7. An Announcement from Order of the White Rose Today, March 17th 2021, a new chapter in the history of OWR begins! For too long have we tolerated tyrannical inefficacy and increasingly despotic behaviour at the helm of our government. No longer will the Kith of the Order suffer such oppression! Kamade's lust for yachts ends today! We formally depose Prime Kamade A new chapter begins, for the glory and freedom of Alba Rosa! Prime - Luis 1st Comrade - Hwan Legate of Internal Affairs - Kabu Legate of Foreign Affairs - Kamade Legate of Economics - Sval Legate of Defence - Hwan
  8. Wow, you're something special 😄
  9. I seriously tried reading it, but you lost me at 'This is just another post from Quack'. Tl;dr. PS: Down with the tyrant Kabu, Long live Kamade!
  10. Nice Meme bae, 10/10. OWR is patented tho, so no clue what you're seeking with this post...
  11. Agreed. It's a game people, don't forget to have a lil fun ;)
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