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  1. To the victor go the spoils boys.
  2. Old asses. Love you though. Happy B-day boys from myself and OWR as a whole!
  3. The Legion's march through the valley comes to a end in a field of white roses. Istandor stops to sniff a rose and falls deeply in love with the smell. A weird crusty looking man then comes by and stops and asks "WHY THE HELL YOU SNIFFING MY ROSE?". After some deep conversation and back scratch the man introduces himself as Sval. They fall in love and a union is formed. The Order of the White Rose and The Legion hereby recognize the following non-chaining Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact. This preamble is non-chaining. Article I: Non-Aggression Neither party shall engage in any activity detrimental to the security, stability or well being of the other. Diplomatic remedies will be sought for any issues which arise. This clause is non-chaining. Article II: Mutual Defense Both parties are required to utilize any means at their disposal to defend one another from aggression. This clause is non-chaining. Article III: Optional Aggression Both parties are enabled to utilize any means at their disposal in combined offensive actions should they so desire. This clause is non-chaining. Article IV: Intelligence All information found to be pertinent to the security and common welfare of either signatory will be freely shared, so long as such information is not bound by outside confidentiality agreements. This clause is non-chaining. Article V: [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. This clause is non-chaining. Article VI: Cancellation Should either party choose to terminate the treaty, a grace period of 72 hours during which time the treaty is still binding shall take effect. This clause is non-chaining. Signed for Order of the White Rose: Prime - Sval Prime Regent - Monkeybutt Legate of FA - Kamade Proconsul of Non-Chaining - Man Dingo Proconsul of Definitely-Chaining - Bendigeidfran Signed for The Legion: Lord Windmark, Imperator Totem, Proconsul Istandor, Consul of Economic Affairs, the Turnt, the Wearer of Chainz David Ben-Gurion, Consul of Foreign Affairs, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains kiwilliam, Consul of Internal Affairs Penultidodo, Consul of Military Affairs
  4. Cheers to our allies and members alike!
  5. You can keep the job. No one here wants it.
  6. When getting couped I kept my job but when just existing during one I got fored. A cruel world.
  7. A man of pure knowledge right here
  8. For the Glory of Nexus!!!
  9. Good man. Ataxia. Good man.
  10. An Announcement from the Order of the White Rose Today, March 17th 2021, is the day that we finally purge OWR of the very people who seek nothing more then to drag it down. For too long have we tolerated tyrannical inefficacy and increasingly despotic behaviour at the helm of our government. No longer will the Kith of the Order suffer such oppression. Kabu's dictatorial ways have gone on for too long unhindered. We formally depose Prime Kabu. A new chapter begins, for the glory and freedom of Alba Rosa! (I expect nothing but the full backing of Nexus and her allies.) Prime - Kamade Prime's 2nd - Luis Legate of Internal Affairs - Kabu Legate of Foreign Affairs - Sval Legate of Economics - Luis Legate of Defence - Hwan
  11. A toast to the new Prime and King! Long may they reign! 🍻
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