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  1. Good to see. Very laudable to offering a helping hand as it's needed
  2. That's very awesome. Good luck! You should create a flag
  3. Shame, you were good fun to fight against in our mini-bloc war. All the best and hope you come away with happy memories.
  4. United Sovereigh Nations ehh? It's likely you don't know the history behind that name. All the best anyway :)
  5. Agree with all of that. Having non-discord members isn't for every alliance.
  6. Politics aside (fat chance), if a group of people are leveraging their access to discord to manipulate people who don't have access to discord, then that deserves to be condemned. Not least because if you take it to its logical conclusion and it's allowed, they'll be pressure on every alliance to manipulate non-discord members harder than their competitors to squeeze out an advantage. Which could get grim really quick. Besides, it's a pretty crappy move. Because being unable to get on discord shouldn't mean that you can't get to enjoy Orbis. It's like voice on high at the start of political simulators intoned "thow are worthless if thowst dost not do discord!" It's nonsense. It'd be better for the community if everyone got the chance to get involved as much as they want to. Non-discord nations can still fight, build their nations, have opinions, trade, roleplay with others and do any number of other things than interest them. For the record the alliance I'm in doesn't accept non-discord members and that wouldn't be my choice, but it's ok as long as they are alliances that do and do so because they want them to take part in their alliance and not to manipulate them.
  7. Best of luck, good to see some none-English language centric alliances again
  8. Charismatic declaration of war. Although forced mergers leaves a sour note
  9. Depends on the vodka but seems legit. If Fear start wading into the war smashed we'll know what happened
  10. That's it Kev. Enjoy some pina colada on the beech whilst the bombs go down. After all, it's only Johnsons and the fighting is miles away
  11. Seriously Kev, aren't we both a bit old to be puffing out our chests
  12. Interesting thought, especially from someone sat on vacation mode for the next 115 turns. Not a fan of fighting or only when other people do it?
  13. just out of curiosity how much did Fear cost?
  14. Congrats. This has been a busy week!
  15. Apologies, I'll bring a nice big bag of roasted insects for our little chirpy lilac lizard to make up for it
  16. Fashionably late UPN recently had it’s 15-birthday party, which makes it as old as iPhones, hashtags and my two daughters. 15 years of wars, words, Barney the dinosaur, Kevin the squid, ribenaberries and a helluva lot of Purple Loving. Hopefully along the way we’ve had enough misdemeanors, crises and maybe even some fluffy, good times to entertain both ourselves, our enemies and frenemies and have contributed to making online text-based political simulators a more interesting and definitely more Purple place. What is Purple? Who knows. A warm, fuzzy feeling inside brought upon by drinking too much wine? A collection of internet warriors with ultra violet tendencies? A family of the weird and bizarre who are Purple, because…Purple? Either way Purple is what Purple does and I’ve dedicated my 15 years of tapping away at online political simulators to try and achieve Apex Purple, whatever that might be. By dedicated I mean taking the credit year after year in which far more talented people than myself have actually run UPN, whilst I’ve sat back and enjoyed varying states of inactivity. At this point, and over three different games, naming every single person who has made UPN what it is would be madness, so thank you to everyone that has and here is a roll of honour to everyone who has officially headlined UPN over the years. Planet Bob: 2007-2010 Altheus (i.e. actually Keyring_Killer, Shade, Hansarius, Magister and others) 2010-2011 Peggy_Sue (the Period of Tumult, bless her wherever she may me) 2011 The 1st Triumvirate: Robster, Kevanovia & Altheus 2011-2013 The 2nd Triumvirate: Robster, Tecumseh & Altheus 2013-2016 Seuwp Lunar Wars: Cora & Altheus Planet Orbis: 2014-2015 Hansarius 2015-2016 Emmad 2016-2017 Pangui 2017-2021 Matt2004 2021-2022 Hansarius 2022 onwards Cora Here’s to fifteen years more at which point we’ll probably all be living in VR Altheus, Founder of the United Purple Nations Also, help yourself to some cake!
  17. Members are FARK, Federation, UPN & USN
  18. Honestly, it's a terrible idea. We've been here before with Cybernations trade circles and all it does in that game is generate a lot of stress for the poor sucker in each alliance that ends up having to organise them. They're just simply not fun and will do nothing other than widen the gap between haves and have nots.
  19. Yep i agree with that. Although a lot of alliances once big enough to be sanctioned in CN have already made an appearance in Orbis at some point. UPN, WTF, Fark, Polaris (NpO), GATO, R&R, Legion and now IRON are all here and ODN, VE, Ragnarok, GPA, GOONS & NPO have in the past. That's also not including any communities which have come across in all but name, of which there have been many
  20. Ahh, what wondrous tidings it is to find this sweet, sweet oasis in amongst these harsh desert lands!
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