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  1. We are in the same alliance
  2. A dog experienced with high levels of radiation.
  3. Anyway, can someone tell me how to get so many down votes, I cant even get that many even if I tried and in only 20 posts!!!
  4. Good luck with the future, hopefully your new alliance works out well and dont betray your protector again.
  5. Firstly, No Neck Casey I only protected you to keep good friendship with BK and you but is it actually worth pubically exposing them when they havent done a lot wrong? Casey, it was just a joke and I think you took it to far. BK is our protecetarate and we support them as they support us so there is no point breaking our friendship over a few jokes. I have been trying stay with good relations with BK and this wont help . I hope BK you will accept my apology over this again and Casey calm down. If the bullying has stopped why are you still angry with them? Casey I hope you understand my point and I am sorry if I got too angry and sounded harsh. Once again, I am sorry for this BK and let's work together tk reaolve this issue.
  6. On March 24th Typhon declared on Nordic Sea Raiders (NSR), now we accept that we lose to them and therefore declare a truce between us. As Kingsmen left the war a few days ago it left us with no other option to make. We regret the decision made and will no longer participate in the global war. Typhon will now be focusing on rebuilding and growing our alliance.
  7. Hi, I am a officer in Typhon and new to the game, which I am enjoying
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