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  1. I think guys are getting carried away here. Fortify option is a hindrance for raiding active nations, but does not prevent raiding inactive nations. This to me is a good thing. You should not be able to raid someone if they are active and can stay defensive. In a damage battle, fortify is a negative option to have, coz Ships and planes can do massive damage to infra which might be way more to the 10% the nation might loose on getting defeated. Apart from that, you can also keep looting the enemy with ground attacks. The only drawback is that you are not able to loot their resources, bank and treasures if any, but in a damage battle that is not your primary target. So in short, this change is good for Alliance wars, but bad for raiding and looting active nations. Rest stays all the same. So All in All a good change.
  2. Also give some explanation as to how resistance is affected with each battle tactic. This will help in testing them better.
  3. The point is that the mechanics which sheepy wants us to test is broken and is UNTESTABLE until he fixes that over in the test server. Due to the current mechanics everyone is just doing Naval Attacks to loot and Beige their opponents, rather than testing it. The ones that are beiged are rendered incompetent to get back in the game and test anything as they have no money left. I would suggest reboot all money and resources in all nations, give them some amount of money and resource and let everyone test out the mechanics again. This way there will be no hoarding but only testing.
  4. You need some tweek into the mechanics. I did an airstrike and won the war as resistance dropped to 0. Describe somewhere as how each war tactic affects the resistance for people to test it in a better way. Put some resource and money to my account as I can not test anything with everything looted with one strike.
  5. I had suggested this some months back but got shot down.
  6. As per the description, it should be 4x chances of destroying improvements.
  7. No need to change the score calculation. My suggestion was to just limit the attacking military. By attacker here I mean not the one declaring, but the one that is executing a military operation (such as ground attack or air attack etc.) This is just to limit the use of full military to attack and allow some military to remain in your nation for defending.
  8. I suggest having a cap on the amount of military that can be used while attacking. A nation can not use all its standing military attacking while leaving its boundaries undefended. A certain percentage (let us say 20%) should be unavailable during attacks. While defending you can use all your military. This somewhat reduces the first strike advantage a lil bit.
  9. To War for The Covenant o/ UPN o/ Polaris o/ NAC
  10. Glad to see this go through o/ The Covenant o/ UPN o/ NAC o/ Polaris o/ DEIC
  11. Two nations can create a trade contract (or pact between themselves) for exchange of money or resources over time. So Nation A can decide to sell 10,000 Gasoline for 10 days to Nation B for $ 2,000 per ton. The contract will enable the payment to happen every server update with the Nation B receiving 1,000 tons gasoline and Nation A receiving $ 2 million every server update for 10 days. They can similarly make a deal for exchanging resources like Gasoline for Munitions. Both parties can mutually choose to terminate the contract before it expires at a minimum penalty decided during contract agreement. So if the penalty is decided at $ 1 million, and in the above case if Nation B terminates the contract before 10 days, then it pays a penalty sum of $ 1 million to Nation A. If any of the involved nation gets into blockade, the contract stands terminated by the nation that got blockaded. If any of the involved nation runs out of resources or money that is required to be transferred to the other nation, the contract stands to be terminated by the nation that ran out of resources or money. This will enhance nation to nation trade activity.
  12. Milking in-actives can be prevented by allowing to put different taxes for people in different score range. The Alliance has to choose the score range and apply the tax. The difference between the minimum and maximum score range for the applied tax can not be less than 400 or more than 500 (something like that, just a suggestion). Also inactive nations get raided and allow for alliance banks to be looted. It is fair enough if the Alliance can milk them in that case. We can also add a stipulation where if a nation goes inactive for more than a month then it stops providing taxes to the Alliance.
  13. Colonies should have an initial cost for creation that should be really high so that only nations with high financial and military capability should be able to afford it. There should also be a requirement for creating colonies - like you can create your first colony only after reaching 10 cities and subsequent colonies after adding another 5 cities in your main nation. This offsets the resource and monetary advantage of having a colony. Apart from this a colony should have higher upkeep for military and all the improvements. Colonies should have their own Nation Score so it requires defending but can have financial and military assistance from their Governing Nation. Colonies should have a cap of 10 cities and can not have more than that. National Projects need to be developed separately for each colonies and the NPs in the Governing Nation do not apply on the colonies. A particular city in any colony can not have more infra then the maximum infra city in the Governing Nation. (These conditions will prevent exceptional development of colonies rather than the Main Nation) Income from colonies is non-taxable buy the Governing Nation's Alliance (so that gives and additional monetary benefit), however, the colonies can not join a separate Alliance from the one which the Governing Nation is in, but can choose to be in that particular Alliance or not.
  14. This sounds good, only thing that the number of mines deployed should not be revealed and an enemy nation has to either guess it out or find out using a spy ops. Destruction of mines through planes should be limited as the mines are always hidden and are difficult to be targeted.
  15. A nation should be able to create stock companies that handles the production and sell of resources. The company should be able to make profits. The nation that holds the Stock company can release certain % of its shares in the market and every nation on Orbis should be able to buy the stocks and in turn get the shares in profit. The Nation that owns the most shares becomes the defacto owner of the Stock Company and can control its functioning like buying/selling resources. A single stock company can handle multiple type of industries. For eg. If a nation has 10 Steel Mills, 10 Aluminum Factories and 10 Oil refineries, it can choose to create a Stock Company that has 10 Oil Refineries + 5 Aluminum Factories. It can allow sale of shares for these companies based on the base cost of creating these companies, ie. 45,000*10 + 30,000*5 = $ 600,000 So if the Company converts its investment into 100 shares then each share is worth $6,000. The nation that controls the Company can choose to sell of the shares in the market. The higher the profit the higher will be the dividend generated and higher its value in the market. The trade market can have a separate section for Shares of all the stock companies to be traded. This is a complicated idea, but I am sure with some thought from other members this can be a given a lift.
  16. Colonies should have their own economy, military and score. A nation within the score range of a colony can specifically target the colony and not require to attack the nation directly. This would require nations to keep military to protect their colonies. There should be an option to divert the nations standing enemy to the colony at a cost and it should also take time for them to reach the colony. Their should be a cap on that too.
  17. When the war policy was proposed I had advocated for it to be hidden to add an extra layer of strategy. Imagine the scenario where your war policy is Attrition you declare on the nation and find out that you are not causing enough damage. You suspect his war policy to be Turtle. You need to change your war policy to have a larger impact. You might then opt for Blitzkreig/Pirate/Tactician. Similarly the defender also needs to guess your policy and adjust accordingly. Spying becomes important now as when you are not able to adjust yourself, you might want to spy out your opponents war policy to adopt your nation accordingly. This adds a little strategy into individual battles and can be detrimental when it is a 1v1 war between equal sized nation.
  18. This is needed. It is irritating to go back to search for what you were trying to buy or sell.
  19. While the Mechanics was working for Arrgh, they were happy to Chest-thump their way into destructing everyone on their path. Now that the Mechanics is not what they desire, they turn out to be cry babies. While it was working, they could have had a more prudent approach of not abusing it.
  20. o/ UPN Send the Pirates to the Depth of the Ocean never to come up again.
  21. I still think it is a good idea to hide the war policies. It adds an extra bit of strategy to Alliance v Alliance wars.
  22. Just by abusing someone does not make you correct. The point is that a nation with high military can go to war with a nation with half of with military even at max military build is way out of sorts. Add to it the first strike advantage and the case that you made is that raiders often target in groups. So that is a 3 fold advantage on the tactics that you abuse at present. Abuse me the hell you want. Send me all kind of craps that you learnt from your school or from whoever taught you that. But that will not make you correct.
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