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  1. emperor666

    New Game

    /me gives Jodo a box to play in
  2. emperor666

    GDP Rapid Inflation

    this has to be a bug, the top GDP nation is at $716,807,422,861.13 GDP while the whole alliance of Viridian Entente is at $513,735,480,292
  3. emperor666


    Praise Dio, for he is hawt as [email protected]#$ just like the true god of orbis, sheepy <3
  4. emperor666


    does this mean i can praise DIO or do i actually have to join Mensa?
  5. emperor666


    kek adblock
  6. emperor666

    Politics and War: REAL Wikipedia Article

    (forget about this the bot caught my edits)
  7. good job guys nice to see you moving on up
  8. emperor666

    UPN Raid

    I dont think this was sanctioned by UPN i will talk to them and ask them to send peace. How much money until you are rebuilt? edit* i asked them to send peace, sorry for the inconvenience
  9. emperor666

    Otherkin Legitimacy...

    http://www.checkmyprivilege.com/ check your [email protected]#$ privilege, i am mayokin and you can't tell me [email protected]#$ otherwise/ these shitlords are sooo &#33;@#&#036;ing triggering me
  10. emperor666

    VIP Passes

    Leader Name:emperor666 Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=610 Do you have 1 credit in your account?: yes Do you understand that your VIP Pass is only valid for the rest of this month, and as soon as it's the 1st of the next month you'll have to renew your pass to retain VIP access?: yes
  11. emperor666

    funny notabot thread

    he seriously hates underlorgc
  12. emperor666

    Which alliance is worthy of my presence?

    double post ignore pls
  13. emperor666

    Which alliance is worthy of my presence?

    lel ok so you want a good alliance that will lead you to greatness go United Purple Nations, we are a great community and we will help you grow and stuff
  14. emperor666

    Ban The Person Above You!

    banned for referencing him in your ban

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