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  1. Sounds like someone has an inferiority complex. Did I touch a nerve somewhere? I like creativity very much. Actual creativity, though.I have high standards for myself and I'm not asking for anything but an honest self-description. If you're proud of your alliance, you have no need to be defensive.
  2. Why? Sell me on the idea. Even the Black Knights gave more effort.
  3. Canada 27 Vancouver 7 Ottawa 7 Montreal 7 Toronto 7 Calgary 7 Santa Claus 5
  4. Hallo Orbis! Follow a 1 day old nation with 1 city and 40 infrastructure! I promise I know what I'm doing. ... It's super effective! Not really.
  5. Peace and neutrality? Fortune favours the bold, not those who hide behind closed doors. I feel such an arrangement is not in my best interests, nor does it meet my criteria, so I decline.
  6. I looked through alliance recruitment and a few messages sent to me, and frankly I'm a little disappointed. Are there any alliances that are: Dignified Competent Run by a charismatic and inspiring leader with goals to radically shape the culture of this world Not based on some silly gimmick or fandom Not devoted to meaningless and possibly harmful idealism like democracy, neutrality, humanitarianism I want excitement and intrigue, not some milquetoast "brotherhood where all nations' voices are respected", or sophomoric antics. But I can't find that alliance. And if there isn't such an alliance, why not?
  7. I think you're supposed to answer the questions not just sit there and stare ayy lmao
  8. So now we've got a nuclear winter and everyone is dead except Australia, who are like "wtf m8". But they'll be dead soon.
  9. I doubt that Canada cares enough about Argentina to hand him over, but presumably Biebs will never get to tour in Argentina again.
  10. That comic is glorious. It's almost too much like real life.
  11. My IQ is 55. Fifty five! Yes, I'm 3 whole standard deviations below average! Or as a clinician might say, moderate mental retardation. Pay no heed to my verbal abilities! Actually, I've never taken such a test. It seems so meritless and expensive while providing no real benefit in any facet of life other than to compare myself to others. However, I estimate it at 55 ... ish. Give or take a little?
  12. Greetings, people in this strange corner of the galaxy! I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. This cruel self projecting this message to you is identified as Alicia, creator of a strange electronic nation called Mira. Yes, I have no idea why I'm talking like that either. If it pleases you, please kindly bestow upon my person good tidings and welcome. In anticipation of your gift, I have prepared a glass of wine. It came from a box. I haven't the slightest idea whether this game will provide an enjoyable experience or not, and to be quite honest it resembles many a nation-building game of bygone and present days. Nevertheless, I now devote a portion of my time to this new venture. So look on my works, ye mildew and despair! Nothing beside constrains. What shall the future hold...
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