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  1. SeanTheGreat19

    PnW Balls Art Dump

    yeah, as a polandball comic creator, i can hereby say circle tools are cancer
  2. SeanTheGreat19

    Internal Stability

    Could there be an update where there is a partisan mechanic inside your nation where you have to maintain stability? I know there is approval rating, but I would like it to be beefed up a bit to add realism, as the countries of the real world spend more time dealing with internal troubles rather than external. There could be a 0 to 100 meter measuring stability in the nation with certain benefits to having a high stability and problems to having a low one. Civil war could possibly change the government type and plummet stability. And anarchy can cause major food shortages. Here are some examples of how stability would work: Stability Scale Perk Thresholds 100% = +20% National Commerce Bonus (Stability promotes a good economy) 80% = +10% National Commerce Bonus 70% = +5% National Commerce Bonus 40% = -5% National Commerce 30% = -10% National Commerce (Instability causes national economy to slip), 1% Chance of Civil War per turn 25% = -20% National Commerce, 2% Chance of Civil War per turn, Resource Production - 5% (Citizens protest in the streets and strike from labor around the nation, production begins to stall) 20% = -40% National Commerce, 3% Chance of Civil War per turn, Resource Production -10% 15% = -50% National Commerce, 4% Chance of Civil War per turn, Resource Production -20% 10% = -60% National Commerce, 5% Chance of Civil War per turn, Resource Production -30%, -25% of Income (Your national tax percentage begins to not be payed as famine begins to start affecting a fourth of of your beloved nation), 25% Chance of explosion in a random city per turn, causing -25 infra damage (Your nation is on the verge of anarchy and riots and terrorism begins to plague the country) 5% = -70% National Commerce, 6% Chance of Civil War per turn, Resource Production -40%, -30% of income, 50% City Explosion Chance 0% = -80% National Commerce, 7% Chance of Civil War per turn, Resource Production -50%, -40% of income, 75% City Explosion Chance, (Your country is in anarchy, lol you better do something) What Rises and Lowers Stability? What Lowers? Declaration of War = -2% War Being Declared on You = -4% Enemy Immense Triumph = -1% Successful Enemy Missile Attack = -2% Successful Enemy Nuclear Attack = -10% Enemy War Victory = -10% No Power = -5% Per City What Rises War Victory = +5% Low Pollution (Below 50 in a city) = +2% Per City Building a New Commerce Improvement = +2% Building a New Civil Improvement = +5% Civil War* If a civil war sparks in your nation, a portion of your military (Only infantry, tanks, planes, and missiles) will defect into an AI rebel force that you are in a defensive war with, the amount of military to defect is dependent on what level of instability the civil war sparked in, you are better off if a civil war sparks earlier than later. If civil war sparks in the 30 to 20 percentile of stability, only 25% of thus military defects, 19 to 10 percentile 33% of military defects, 9 to 0 percentile and 50% of military defects. But how would the war be fought? Just like the amount of military defecting, a parallel percentage of cities would defect to to fuel there war effort, including that population for them to use as income. And if you are in such horrible luck to loose a civil war your government ideology would switch to a random type. Please take each aspect with a grain of salt. These are only examples and I understand this may be a bit radical of an update but it would really add another really really fun and realistic aspect to the game. Alex or any mod, if you are reading this please highly consider adding a stability scale, I understand the difficulty of adding the civil war mechanic, but I think the stability scale is something that can be accomplished easily and quickly. I think it would highly improve and balance this game, thank you. Hail Sheepy our Baatopian Lord.
  3. SeanTheGreat19

    Adding a 'United Nations' or 'World Assembly'

    I think the idea of a world assembly with rules completely voluntary a good idea
  4. SeanTheGreat19

    This is a bit worrying...

    ok, thanks guys. Yeah, it was my minister of foreign affairs, woopee.
  5. SeanTheGreat19

    This is a bit worrying...

    I noticed that I had a new message in my inbox so I went to it and it was a message that was from a nation with no link. It mentioned my name, I am a bit worried about this...
  6. SeanTheGreat19

    War between GCB, AVANSIES, and USU

    Thank You, I am not trying to create drama.
  7. Hello everyone, I am happy that the war for the USU is concluding. All wars against the NPO and GCB have been stalled or made peaceful, I have notified all of my members to declare peace to officially end the war for USU. However we do still support the Avansies (diplomatically), but I wish they would be more diplomatic and negotiate a mature end to their war like we did. This conflict started when I was raided by a member of the GCB, I do admit to overreacting about it by contacting my allies for support, but I feel I was justified because we have no tolerance for raiding.There is also a stigma that we are an alliance that raids, all raids on alliances is strictly prohibited. Now my alliance is beginning to build back up again and I am happy for that, so I would like to apologize for any wrongdoing I or the USU have ever done. I hope that peace and diplomacy can be made for the future stability of Orbis, Sean the Great
  8. SeanTheGreat19

    War Keeps Expanding (USU, Avansies, GCB, NPO)

    Yeah thats pretty accurate. You betcha
  9. SeanTheGreat19

    War between GCB, AVANSIES, and USU

    It actually started when my alliance and myself was attacked by the GCB. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=161726
  10. SeanTheGreat19

    War between GCB, AVANSIES, and USU

    War has been declared by the Global Communist Bloc on our allied alliance, the Avansies. The United Strategic Union has no choice but to defend our ally and declare war on the Global Communist Bloc. Fair Day, Sean the Great
  11. The UIA is a friendly but coordinated and strong alliance. We have a growing trade partnership and central military command similar to NATO. Here are our rules: Conflict and Military: All members must be willing to fight in the case of war declaration or if we come under attack. We require that every member has at least 5% of their national score coming from their military. And we will allow raiding on these circumstances: Raiding may only against nations that are either not as strong as you or inactive, AND NOT PART OF ANOTHER ALLIANCE. And you are allowed to have any type of weapon, however contact high authority if you want to use nuclear force. If you have a question about an invasion that does not apply to out rules, please contact either the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Director of Defence. Economics and Trade: We have a 5% tax rate as of now. If you are looking for a loan or a grant of any kind, contact the Director of Economy, Chairman, or Vice-Chairman. Please use the market to trade anything especially precious resources. You are not allowed to use the alliance market to buy goods and sell them for profit on the main market. Welfare, loans, and grants are coming soon. So come on over, we have some directorship positions open. But come if you want a voice in an alliance. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=3330
  12. SeanTheGreat19

    A United Nations

  13. SeanTheGreat19

    A United Nations

    I would like there to be a UN General Assembly where all nations have the right to vote on issues created by top officials of the UN. But more importantly, I want this to be able to pose international sanctions onto nations that are cough cough nuking the world cough cough so that we can resolve these problems in a fair and realistic way. Alex (Sheepy), I hope you consider an idea like this for an update. Feedback? PS: This would operate similar to the real UN.

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