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  1. >LoDN declares existence with no protectorate >War declared on them 1 week later
  2. jarr harr we will see how this goes xD
  3. My last nation was Resnais, and now a new one. Luckily, my forum account wasn't deleted so I keep that.
  4. My GDP went up rapidly even though my revenue stayed the same. Within 3 minutes, it went from 5 billion to 50 billion.
  5. FSA is finally beginning to have a steep decline.
  6. If you type <marquee>Blah</marquee> in HTML you will get "Blah" to scroll to the left. But I agree, it seems to just be a gimmick and has little actual use.
  7. I have no strong feeling on either side. While this may improve the situation of inactive/multi farming, what it doesn't solve is the fact that some alliances will be inevitably marginalized by being forced to assimilate like every other one.
  8. Yes. I remember being in that alliance. It didn't show the amount of resourses except to the Generals and the SORT officials.
  9. I am talking about absolute score. They have declined a bit since the announcement. Especially in members.
  10. Good news! Ever since this post has been up, the growth of the FSA has hit a plateau. I am not sure if there is a causality, but if there is, it means Byron's ability to sap resourses from his alliance may come to an end soon. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=801 I believe this is a causality, since their membership took a hit.
  11. Yes the US gov does this to a degree. I didn't day that I supported it though. And this is to a much smaller degree than what is being done with the FSA resourses.
  12. I was there as recently as yesterday, and until this event unfolded, and from my Experiance they do things fairly bureaucratically. They make announcements about everything, and etc. This was almost uncharacteristic for him to do. And while yes higher ups tend to make more, there would be complete revolt if say the president took all the money from the U.S. treasury for himself. Especially if he denied doing such, even when the receipt is open.
  13. I disagree. I would be fine with it if Myriad actively discussed it and they decided it was okay. But instead he actively kept this knowledge secret. It wasn't until I went on IRC that I found out about this. And plus the 130+ members are likely unaware that their money is being used for this.
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