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  1. MIB.HG

    Name that war!

    Nuke Blocmageddon war
  2. MIB.HG

    Something About a Declaration of War

    https://infogram.com/mibhg-nuke-blocmageddon-war-1hnp27xkop3n6gq https://infogram.com/wtf-nuke-blocmageddon-war-1h7v4pm3jemj4k0
  3. MIB.HG


    Hilarious, you little psico realizes this is just a game? "Me into tearing you apart", hilarious
  4. MIB.HG

    Something About a Declaration of War

    Lol, I never had a military in order to make myself an easy target, and your mates didn't coward out of declare on me! But still I only had 1 declaration and only after update! And still waiting for the other 2 slots defensive slot to get fill, so if you don't mind, ask your mates to do, if is not to must inconvenience!
  5. MIB.HG

    Something About a Declaration of War

    Seriously already?
  6. MIB.HG

    Orbis Milestone

    This one gets it
  7. MIB.HG

    Bringing the New Hotness

    Congratulations Stratagem, for all that is worth, you made Globoid do a post in the evil OWF, and that is more rare that unicorns! High praises to a treaty indeed. So rare, that I going to take a screenshot, to keep it for posterity!
  8. MIB.HG

    The World Task Force

    Butt hurt?

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