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  1. Am sorry to say but that's incorrect, 'your' AA was attacking several of Horsemen allies, and they merely done a RoH, on the already familiar Raoul style! But if you want to flatter yourself saying to be fighting 5 AAs, be my guest!
  2. @Kurdanak Ah the good old days, of the war soft-neutral vs hard-neutral
  3. Oh I see the Horsemen have been drinking of the Antifa Farkscam kool-aid! We in WTFasist, where counting on you in our war against the Farkscam, but I guess you did learned something in your time if your commie friends, you double crossing Horsepoop. See you in the battlefield.
  4. That may be true, but the only way you going to win this is by Bury WTF, under all your salt.
  5. A CB what? You Farkscam, are better stop talking texan, and start talking proper American! The only CB I know is this ones https://www.radioworld.co.uk/used_ham_radio_equipment/cb_radio-c-5587 and I ain't give you one.
  6. Fixed for you, don't need to thank me you Farkscambag. Nazi lives matter, you know! See you in the battlefield ( as soon you learn how to do a Blitz), losers!
  7. Nuke Blocmageddon war
  8. https://infogram.com/mibhg-nuke-blocmageddon-war-1hnp27xkop3n6gq https://infogram.com/wtf-nuke-blocmageddon-war-1h7v4pm3jemj4k0
  9. MIB.HG


    Hilarious, you little psico realizes this is just a game? "Me into tearing you apart", hilarious
  10. Lol, I never had a military in order to make myself an easy target, and your mates didn't coward out of declare on me! But still I only had 1 declaration and only after update! And still waiting for the other 2 slots defensive slot to get fill, so if you don't mind, ask your mates to do, if is not to must inconvenience!
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