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  1. Radsphere, provided nuclear bloc have any say in it...
  2. Your colony in Panama has just bankrupted you. Prepare to be assimilated in an act of union. Resistance is futile. Then, 400 years from now, the great salmon(d) will rise up and (almost) win your independence. Best of luck!
  3. I just realised who you are. You're the guy that takes jokes from real stand ups and does them at the local working mens club. Everyone knows they're stolen and the delivery isn't as good as the original, but you keep coming back, week after week because you amuse a few punters and they buy you a pint. Keep on trucking son.
  4. That clause two really is daft. Reality is reality, and the inq side has been soundly beaten and is pretty much penniless, despite a large numerical superiority and the element of surprise. I'd call that humiliation.
  5. Those terms are fairly moronic. This was a crappy war all round really.
  6. Turkish delight on a moonlit night
  7. Any warcraft fan knows it's pronounced "Lawdy-ronn." why is this even in question.
  8. The hunt for red October. Especially pertinent if the war lasts until October as it seems it might.
  9. You were hit because you were weak. Eat the weak.
  10. I always get paired with Spite and we've never lost yet, so I'll stick with him.
  11. This tier business speaks nothing to the decisions of the players running those nations. Activity and choices also decide wars. Owning a steamroller is not the same as knowing how to run one effectively! A particularly mensan philosophy.
  12. This whole optional treaty and non chaining stuff is exactly why we only sign MDPs. The optional aggression is still there when not written in the treaty too.
  13. You have my steamroller
  14. Redcoat, reporting in.
  15. The king of misunderstanding semantics.
  16. Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. I didnt pass comment on section 2, but rather the general wishy-washy state of these ODPs. Really don't get how some people still don't know how semantics work.
  17. Optional defence and optional aggression... Surely you had those options before signing too? Seems a bit of a damp squib really.
  18. Hopefully lesson learned. If you're gonna poke a bear, don't poke the one with the giant steamroller and a God-Emperor empowering it.
  19. You poked the bear. Hi, we're the bear, and we're riding a steamroller.
  20. Yeah this guy has proven he's not good enough. Let him dig his own grave. Ogaden, when you're ready please.
  21. Do it. Part of Aargh's appeal and why you've succeeded at times is your whole 'lovable scamp' vibe. With this dragon fella that's been replaced by a 'bloody annoying toddler' vibe instead. Except he's not a toddler and it's OK to smack him in the teeth.
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