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  1. Austrian Police Augsburg HQ This is Unit 2-3 and Unit 4-5 be advised, unknown radio interference, and object on 3rd street. Be advised requesting Jagers, This is dispatch be advised Governor has issued Military Units to look into it. Be advised Government special ops are being deployed. Sir! Unknown Object is opening, be advised 7th Jâgers on sight. Austrian Military Forces surrounded the portal waiting, the hum of the Hummers the only sound, with people only startled as the soldiers shook in awe in fear, similar reports of the infestation in St. Petersburg had shocked Austria. A man like a figure soon emerged the soldiers unaware of fire. The man soon looks out, before the dragon withdraws out and the man grabs on, the Soldiers begin to fire, the bullets whizz past the man before he soars off into the sky, shattering glass and throwing helmets and hats off. They look off wondering what has happen did, nearly 800 people soon emerged some military and some scientists, the Capital soon recognizes that they were the Russian Group who were never heard off, the Austrian Soldiers quickly went inside to secure the other side, coming out into the capital being created by locals offering gifts some attempting to go into Austria the soldiers keeping them at bay. (Chancellor a portal has appeared in Augsburg sending in 10th Jâger and 3rd tanks)
  2. The Referendum took place all across Austria, with the votes piling in, and turnouts at nearly 100%, So far the votes are at 89% For joining the UDAC and 11% against joining the UDAC The Austrian Chancellor said he was happy to see an unexpected turnout, but has said that only 4 major cities and 56 small towns have been recorded and there are over 3 million people are yet to have their votes recorded. We also look forward towards the EU referendum next Thursday
  3. [/url] Haiou, I am Admiral von Mets, and this is the Austrian Military News, Recently a French-Austrian Deal has been signed allowing the purchasing of 8 Naval Vessels; 5 Wolfie-Class Destroyers and 3 Zafri-Class Missile Cruisers. The recent deal will also provide naval training towards the Austrian Navy which has seen nearly 0% in naval combat or knowledge since the Austro-Hungary defeat in the great war. The new training deal will take effect by December 1st, and continue to the following December where over 60,000 sailors will train with French Marines and Sailors. Alongside that, the ARMCO-Austrian Military Contract with the American Naval Association have outlined the Austrian Aircraft Carrier modeled after former American Aircraft carriers, SMS Augsburg is set to be completed by 2017. Austria is in the need of Foreign companies investment, development of its Military Arsenal, and has already approached two other nations to begin military-cooperation. The Austrian Ground Forces recently received a new package of Military equipment with some units who still had weaponry from the Second World War. The Chancellor has vowed to revamp military spending and fix the issues currently being faced by Austrian Troops. The Austrian Crusaders party hailed the new movement and have pledged their full support. The new legislature passed the Nationalrat has proposed a gradual increase from a 2.3% Defense Budget towards a 3.6% Defense Budget in 2020 Lastly the Parmalat also agreed to amend the conscription law, effective 2017 all females of age 19 and higher must attend and spend 6 months in the Austrian Armed Forces.
  4. Lol, well we do not want to be involved diploamtically, as with if we send an ambassador to Portugal, we are too Pro-Portugal and voids our neutrality lol, and we must send one to Iberia, and if we lose an ambassador= horrible repercussions and stuff... so like ya OOC: anyone notice "Sectary of Civil Defense Vladimir Putin" lmao
  5. We would be happy to open relations now with Italy, assuming both Italy and France will respect Austria and its ongoings between both nations
  6. NATION NAME: Republik Österreich HEAD OF GOVERNMENT: Chancellor Roderich Edelstein GOVERNMENT COMPOSITION: Executive Branch (Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Austrian Cabinet) Legislative Branch (Nationalrat and Parlament) Judicial Branch of the Supreme Courts, and the Joint Chiefs of Military Affairs (A secret branch of the Government tasked with Military Affairs, however, they work under the Joint Chiefs and Chancellor) REASON FOR FORMALIZATION OF RELATIONS (ECONOMIC, MILITARY, ETC.): Friendly Relations, and making new friends DOES YOUR GOVERNMENT HARBOR THOSE DEEMED UNDESIRABLE TO THE GREATER PENGUIN NESTINGLAND: At this time, we do not harbor any of the “undesirable†but Austria maintains an Open-Arms policy and accepts all political, economical, and religious refugees IF SO, EXPLAIN: DOES YOUR GOVERNMENT ENGAGE IN THE PRACTICE OF OPERATING PRIZOONER OF WAR CAMPS WITHIN YOUR BORDERS: We do no have Prizoo, however, we have open animal exhibitions but our animals are kept to the best of standards and are usual fond of the Austrian Vienna animal exhibition. We also have a budget apart of our Foreign Aid towards the development of areas for animals to live in peace and safety. IF SO, LIST SITES, COMPOSITION, AND GLOBAL POSITIONING CO-ORDINATES: DO YOU OBJECT T We do not agree with the injustice holding of animals in cruel and absurd manners
  7. The Austrian Chancellor offered his deepest condolences, and has already cleared his existing schedule to attend the funeral, and has postponed the referendum till Friday - Austrian Chancellor Roderich Eldestein
  8. Admiral von Mets: We look forward to Military Cooperation between our two armies and great nations. I look forward to meeting Admiral of the French navy, assuming your navy can keep up with Austria's ironclads . We are happy for the recent purchase of 15 Wolf-Class Destroyers and 5 Zafri-Class Missile Cruisers.
  9. ooc: And you still haven't I assume it is currently only (the nations listed above who are aware) right wolfie?
  10. Austrian Ambassador-Chancellor Private Line Mr. Chancellor, the recent report is troubling, if indeed true. Austria will need to seriously revamp our outdated army. We must look towards new contracts, I assume you have called a legislative meeting to discuss revamping defense spending. Yes Ambassador, but we must be cautious. We may draw unwanted attention by rapidly upgrading our armed forces. Rest assured measure are emplaced, check your desk. We have de-classified project Hummels and Nitrogen to you eyes only. Roger Mr. Chancellor, I will keep you posted. De Ja De Ja Ambassador.
  11. The Chancellor takes the podium, slowly tinkering with the microphone. He begins to speak "The recent news that has caused uproars and upset across Austria that we are a vassal state are false. The recent news was a small joke between World Leaders for which Austria personnel apologize, however, we did, in fact, discuss treaties with Britannia. The Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Britannian Emperor Lelouch Vi Britannia signed the Austro-Britannian Treaty of Friendship that outlines; a Non-Aggression Pact Sharing of Intelligence Promotion of friendly relations Bilateral meetings Mutual respect. Alongside the Treaty of Friendship, the Vienna Accords signed by myself and the Emperor say the following "The Holy Britannian Empire is committed to the defense of Austria and will continue to develop and Austrian Nation with militaristic, economical , and civic projects. Alongside this, the Austrian-Britannian Trade Agreement will reduce all tariffs between Austria and Britannia in trading goods. We thank you all, and that is all for today. My press secretary will handle all questions
  12. Österreichisches Bundesheer Commander and Chief The Chancellor is the Commander and Chief of the Austrian Armed Forces, and he may authorize their usage in combat for 3 months without Legislative Approval. The Austrian Legislative are the only body that may declare a state of war, the only difference is the Supreme Court may use the Neutrality Act in the Austrian Constitution to disavow an aggressive war. Joint Chiefs of Staff The role of the Joint Chiefs: The Joint Chiefs serve as the Military Advisors to the Chancellor, they are the highest Military power, and have taken their job with respect, pride, and honor. The Joint Chiefs of Staff are selected amongst the 4 branches of the Austrian Armed Forces; Landstreitkräfte (Land Forces) Luftstreikräft (Air Force) Spezialeinsatzkräfte (Special Forces) Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine (Naval Forces) and Marinesoldaten (Marine Corps) Current Joint Chiefs Chairman Ella Huntsmen (Landstreitkräfte) Vice Chairman Eric von Hindenburg (Luftstreikräft) Secretary Christine von Augsburg (Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine) Vice Secretary Chris Leopard (Marinesoldaten) Branches Österreichisches Bundesheer Landstreitkräfte (Land Forces) Luftstreikräft (Air Force) Spezialeinsatzkräfte (Special Forces) Kaiserliche und Königliche Kriegsmarine (Naval Forces) Marinesoldaten (Marine Corps) Project-Hummels The Hummels Project has been a covert Austrian Military Project that has aimed at replicating Britannian Knightframers, whilst inital efforts have not been sucessful, the new Britannian-Austrian Military Pact have allowed the program to complete their Panzer-Hummel Knighmares, whilst they are still in testing stages it is a valiant move forward. Swestic Program The Swestic Program is a top secret classified Swedish-Austrian Agreement to develop high end weaponary and munitions in its current infancy.
  13. The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released their weekly briefing UDAC relations The UDAC leaders the Duke of Zorro and Prince of France have come to Vienna to speak at the UDAC Debate, coming days before the National Referendum to opt in or stay out of the UDAC. The UDAC Yes team have already sprung into action, gaining a favorable amount, with the Leaders said to sway the vote in either favor. EU relations The Austrian Chancellor announce an EU referendum shortly after the UDAC referendum, taking place a week later. The EU referendum will allow the Austrian Government full authority to take measure to join the EU, the Austrian Chancellor has said he hoped to see the pros and cons of the EU and has already spoken with World Leaders regarding the issues. Portuguese Civil War The Austrian Government is committed to remaining Neutral in international affairs and has refrained from the conflict in Portugal. Whilst is has said it will look into the matter, the Austrian Chancellor has said he hoped for a quick solution and hopes both Hequ, Italy, France, and Meonesia do not spark an even greater war. We hope to see the conflict reside and a peaceful internal resolution come about because no foreign power can muffle the voice of the people. Franco-Austrian relations Whilst Austria initial halted from relations with France over the Portugal Civil War, they have formally exchanged Embassies alongside the Chancellor to meet with the Empress to announce the formalization of relations.
  14. The Austrian Government will also be hosting an EU debate in the Nationalrat before moving onto the lower house, with foreign leaders able to come speak at the political session, the Chancellor has said that "With big descioins, we must let the people vote. I am proud to know I can trust the people with matters that will alter Austria, I hope to see both sides prove their points, as for me I am remaning and open mind. Our closests firends Sweden and Chernigov themseleves are in the EU, and have been great friends. Whilst our friends in Evenstar have stressted their concerns about the EU. The EU refurendum will take place next Thursday The UDAC refurendum will take place on Thursday
  15. We are saddened by the loss of a fellow friend of Austria, we have all felt a piece of us removed. She will not be forgotten, and will always be remembered in our hearts. We are always here for Chernigov in anyway possible. The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor have already cleared their schedule to attend the funeral with their good friends, rummaging up with a small speech.
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