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  1. Snicks

    A WiFi DoW

    Yeah, wouldn't it be a nice world if everyone kept bitterness out of the equation. More friendships would remain intact. In this case, we're just seeing different lenses to view folks from. Moon has strong sentiments based on what he has experienced and interpreted in his interactions with Banned, just as Banned does with him. And it's enough for it to have had an effect on their surroundings. Having spent time with you both I can say that this shit has really gone pretty far. So much so that it has crossed gaming realms and somehow impacted me. Banned was only ever giving while I was in WiFi and Moon has always looked out for his mates in BC. You both have greatly pissed folks off along the way and yet you each have so many wonderful traits that others saw in you regardless. That's my lens. Now back to the intended program...
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