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  1. Except...really, there hasn't been that much non-traditional about how the general election is progressing. It has so far followed fairly conventional norms.
  2. So, I'm confused, Kemal, how do I git gud exactly?
  3. I don't want anyone to take this the wrong way, but after Yui finished baking, I couldn't find all the rat poison I left in the cupboard...
  4. Longest P&W thread is about the greatest fighting force in all of Mensa....Manpile. (Note to self: procure group photoshop) Longest thread on our forums? Literally nothing. No post contains more than 2 characters.
  5. In addition to Hypno's point, the 2nd and 3rd debates have historically been a wash in elections. Such a strategy would be basically giving up on a chance for a million dollars, in order to play for 5 bucks.
  6. I don't know you, but can we be bffs?
  7. Too many treaties in one thread. 3/10.
  8. About that...all I remember is we sent the Hippo over so he'd give us a little room and maybe make some friends...then later, he comes back all relaxed, eats ALL the snacks in the clubhouse, brags about his new tattoo and says we've got a new treaty...
  9. This thread title makes me picture a bunch of pirates with magnifying glasses going around and solving crimes...and it makes me wonder why its not yet a TV show.
  10. In the beginning, there was sand. And the sand of the beginnings created Dio, he who created all things from the sand. ZA WARUDO.
  11. How can he not? She's the ultimate mystery woman and she can literally steal ANYTHING.
  12. Its very easy to do. His words are very bigly because he has the stamina to say all of them.
  13. For our part, we considered the reps a large enough sum to peace out wars instead of beiging them because that would just be pouring salt in a lot of wounds.
  14. Cover your ears, Rahl, lest the lies sully your innocence!
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