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  1. If you opt for something like this, can it be done in conjunction with making defensive military allocations a manual setting? For example, I send 50% of my planes, and 70% of my tanks against my enemy in an offensive maneuver and 50% of my planes and 30% of my tanks remain in defense. The disparity in offense vs defense could be what determines the amount of infra damage that can be done in the event that an offensive is successful. In the event of a first-strike action, the entire defender military is held in defense. Something like that. There are more details that'd need to be considered, bu that's the general concept. You get yet another level of complexity and customization.
  2. Molly Emma


    DEIC Defense Minister getting awfully defensive... Nobody cares what you did in the past in your battles, stet. How you are and how you end is what matters. PiZ, I shall pray for you during your re-education.
  3. Oh look. More crying. SO MANY DELICIOUS TEARS!!! nom nom nom
  4. The glory and power of Dio cleanse you and keep you safe. Welcome.
  5. Why do we always adhere to 24hr cycles? Habit? Could we have 22 hour game days with 11 turns/day and then dc would rotate and potentially screw everyone equally over time? Just a thought.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. I did not know that. Learning is half the battle right?
  7. I have 8 cities with nuclear power plants and the requisite uranium mines to keep the plants in operation plus produce a surplus of .95 uranium per turn. Inexplicably, when I sold some of that surplus uranium a few minutes ago, 6 of my 8 cities went dark. The nuclear plants are still there and the uranium mines are still there but for some reason the plants in those 6 cities just are not working. Please help?
  8. The VE Declaration was written much better. This reads like a high school girl's love note to her crush.
  9. To be fair, spam-firing missiles is what we've been seeing a lot of from UPN despite them not having their militaries drained. No judgement, but I get the feeling that missiles are just firing in all directions. They sure do a lot of damage. It's been a fun war. Hopefully, a good time had by all. I would take this experience and group cooperation any day over sitting on top of some ranking sheet and never having had the experience.
  10. Nation Name: Emistan Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=12688
  11. I stand ready to collect harminator's tears.
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