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  1. Dolphman

    IRC client suggestion

    If your using an Firefox, ChatZilla is a pretty good client.
  2. Dolphman

    API Discussion

    Dont make an API for Requests (ie, cant buy infra with /api/), while automation attempts may be made, Im doubtful they be that advanced
  3. Dolphman

    API Discussion

    Not Fixed. getting the same error
  4. Dolphman

    API Discussion

    DId not notice we had an somewhat official API now, let me dig up some of my python work on it. I'll update my unrealeased API wrapper for Politics and War (Like I said I would a few months back) and put it up somewhat soon
  5. Dolphman

    Yet again...I have robbed another bank.

    Goddamn. Your bank shouldn't be that easy to steal from.
  6. Dolphman

    I'm done

    ????????????????????????? What does social justice have to do with this?
  7. Was their an actual issue for this or did sheepy have an nightmare?
  8. I mean, you need to have one. You shouldn't have to start over just because you have a life.
  9. Dolphman

    Empire of Spades Declaration of Re-Existence

    When I first joined the first EoS had just fallen, good to see to you guys back in action. Best of Luck
  10. Dolphman

    Whose Fault for the war?

    I voted for all of you. You don't care about the defenseless pixels that have died in this conflict. Everynight I cry myself asleep on this war. How could we lose all of these pixels.
  11. Dolphman

    Fallout 4 Trailer Released!

    my body is ready
  12. Dolphman


    The Australia guy was reset for his multis.
  13. I think this breaks the rules when it comes to vacation mode. Just report him to sheepy.

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