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  1. I have a spy scraper. I just don't use it.
  2. If you don't think you've seen them, they're working as intended.
  3. To be fair, the "Green Enforcement Agency" thing was, actually, part of my campaign platform for ToFA back in November. Nobody believed I was serious, though, and I changed my mind about it less than a week into my tenure.
  4. If the recruitment amount caps, this just creates a larger advantage for people who are logged in all day long. If the recruitment amount doesn't cap, it eliminates the purpose of the recruitment cap (which is to create an incentive to have a standing army). I think this is a bad suggestion.
  5. Yes. Your manufacturing improvements cannot use resources that you will have on-hand tonight to run their operations today.
  6. You know things are going badly when Kastor starts agreeing with you. I'm out.
  7. How did nobody respond to this excellent idea for five whole days? This is the best suggestion in the history of the suggestion forum.
  8. You've all said that before. But you're missing the point. We don't believe you.
  9. 1) I am very rude - ask anybody. 2) I did not assume you had no intention of paying reparations. I concluded that you had no intention of paying reparations based on the evidence that was available. 3) I know you well enough to draw conclusions based on your past and present behavior to draw inferences about your motivations. Let's break it down: Hereno, in response to concerns from his membership that your members have been unjustifiably raiding them, contacts your leader to seek redress. Your leader responds that the members who were raided were inactive, specifically noting that one of them had been inactive for 8 days, but says that if they message him, he'll have compensation paid directly to them. This demonstrates a lack of willingness to pay reparations in two ways: First, alliance leaders who have any respect for alliance sovereignty should be conducting their negotiations through alliance leaders - expecting the individual nations to reach out to you is an indication that you don't respect the alliance with which you are dealing, which is an indication that you don't intend to treat them as a legitimate alliance (by paying reparations); second, demanding activity from a player the leader believes is inactive indicates that the leader is offering to take the action without an intention to do so - he believes the action will never need to be taken because he has imposed a condition precedent that he believes will never be met. This conclusion lines up with the past behavior of your alliance. As a group, you have regularly demonstrated a complete lack of respect for political norms in Orbis. In addition, it lines up with your current defense of your alliance's behavior. You've said yourself that Pfeiffer is an !@#$. Is it so hard to believe that he may have been disingenuously offering reparations without the intention of following through?
  10. (OOC) Does this mean I won't get pornographic spam emails from Jemmm on your forum server anymore? (/OOC) It looked like you guys had been struggling, and I admire you for sticking it out as long as you did. Have fun as a pirate, Hereno!
  11. I disagree. Shame on MensaHQ for pretending to humor Hereno. While it's true they had no obligation to discuss reps at all, that's not the issue. Once they agreed to discuss reps, they had an obligation to do so in good faith. And making an offer they know (or should know) could not be accepted, especially an offer that requires individual members nations to conduct their own negotiations with a foreign leader, is not negotiating in good faith. They would be on firmer ground if they had simply refused to pay reps at all.
  12. Speculation is not the same as conjecture. I've drawn conclusions based on Pfeiffer's own statements (and those of his supporters). His proposal was unreasonable from the outset, even if the nations were active. The fact that he knew (and has stated that he knew) that at least one of them was inactive makes it even more wrongheaded.
  13. MensaHQ may not have an obligation to pay reps for affronts on another alliance's sovereignty, but if the terms of the reps they offered were deliberately calculated to be impossible to accept (demanding a PM from a nation that you believe to be inactive), they can't then use their "willingness to pay reps" to justify their current position. The reps offered by Pfeiffer were not offered in good faith, because Pfeiffer believed that the terms could not possibly be complied with.
  14. It is absolutely unreasonable for an alliance leader, when negotiating with another alliance leader, to insist on direct communication with the individual members of the other alliance. That's what alliances are for. MensaHQ doesn't have a leg to stand on here.
  15. If you're surprised, then you clearly don't understand us.
  16. Your screenplay doesn't give anywhere near enough credit to Princess Bubblegum.
  17. How are you supposed to cancel them if you can't even find them?
  18. Sheepy has (and probably will, in your case) manually changed nations' native resources to accommodate the continent the nation wants to be in. Unfortunately, this will have to wait until Sheepy returns from vacation.
  19. I would've logged in a day or two into the war and found the link sitting in my queries, and been like "Damn, that would've been useful."
  20. Worst holiday ever. My signature was forged.
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