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  1. Leroy-Jenkins

    Multiple Project Suggestions

    National Project Name: MIRV Warheads Project effect: You can choose to make your first nuke in a war hit another 2 cities at random in addition to the one you targeted. However, the larger rocket allows your opponent's Vital Defense System to function more effectively, it has a 20-50% (tbd) chance of shooting down your original rocket, in addition to the normal chance of shooting down each warhead. If your opponent does not shoot down your rocket, they can launch a retaliatory nuke at no (cash or MAP) cost and can immediately build an additional new nuke that day. Requirement for use: your opponent must be able to launch a nuke. Resource: Steep Cash cost: steep.
  2. Leroy-Jenkins

    Multiple Project Suggestions

    This is broken af. Edit: Maybe it could work if it required that your opponent ALSO had the project.
  3. Leroy-Jenkins

    Buttons to quickly iterate through cities

  4. Currently if you want to go from one city to the next, you have to go back to the "Cities" page and click the next city after the one you were just at. I was thinking that since cities are listed in order, a forward and back button or arrow could be added to the city screen so that you could visit the next city without needing to go to another page.
  5. Two ideas for spy operations: Sabotage Fortifications Removes the +10% losses on attack after an opponent has fortified until an opponent fortifies again. To nerf it you could make it so it only partially removes the bonus. Rally Citizens Adds resistance to your opponent's counter. Currently if you get an opponent down to a very low resistance but you don't want to beige them you have no options. This would give you the ability to open them up for another attack, preventing wars from just stagnating. It could also make it interesting if this also gave them some sort of offensive bonus to balance it. This operation would also need to add to approval rating instead of subtract when successful.
  6. I checked my notifications today and it looks like I played two Home games at the same time. The notification texts are: Your OBL team, the Mooks, played a home game against the United Powers of Salvania Power Towers. The final score was 1-0, you won. Your nation earned $193.31 for hosting the game. You also earned $185.85 for winning the game. Click here to see the Game Results. Your OBL team, the Mooks, played a home game against the Nowhere Pixels. The final score was 0-3, you lost. Your nation earned $569.50 for hosting the game. Click here to see the Game Results. The link both goes to the home game with the ID 56895 but the game record is for the Nowhere Pixels. I'm not sure if I got the money for both games or not, I'm not sure how I'd check that.
  7. Leroy-Jenkins

    Change "Gasoline" to "Fuel"

    Jets don't take gas, tanks take diesel, ships run off of diesel and bunker, the damn commies call it petrol. Fuel is more ambiguous than Gasoline and it makes more sense in context.
  8. Leroy-Jenkins

    Baseball money return too minuscule

    I do think the stadium prices could be adjusted for optimal funness.
  9. Leroy-Jenkins

    Connect the baseball to stadia in the game.

    It would be pretty neat if stadiums in cities impacted the earnings from baseball.
  10. Leroy-Jenkins

    7/27/2015 - Orbis Baseball League

    I'm going to assume that as the infrastructure improves, teams will be matched more equally.
  11. Leroy-Jenkins

    7/27/2015 - Orbis Baseball League

    Can we get the option to use spies to sabatoge other nation's baseball teams? Just, you know... because.
  12. Leroy-Jenkins

    7/27/2015 - Orbis Baseball League

    Can you put alliances into the system somehow? So we can form alliance all-star games or something?
  13. Leroy-Jenkins

    In-game Banner ads for politics

    Targeting is a must, but if there's targeting there has to be a bid-based system, not just a random selection. I think links should only be able to go pages on the forums or in the game. Maybe to alliance forums as well, but only if the alliance was significant enough to not be a sockpuppet. I believe images ads are a must, but I'd move them to the sidebar rather than have it up top as a banner. Less intrusive that way.
  14. Nation Name: Amerstralia Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=14323
  15. Leroy-Jenkins

    I'm not getting the proper amount of steel.

    It's fixed for me too now.

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