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  1. Saturninus

    Recognition of Hostilities and Enmity

    For a no good damn pirate you have a rather pleasant disposition.
  2. Saturninus

    Pirates from Arrgh disturb God Emperor Dio Brando

    I feel like the last war proves that you can't predict the future. ....and we are having fun thank you o/
  3. Saturninus

    Recognition of Hostilities and Enmity

    ..and with all the Money we are taking off of these shitty pirates we can build those folks right up out of their score range so no worries there.
  4. Saturninus

    The Drunk Show

    Paging Dr. Oblige. Paging Dr. Oblige...
  5. Saturninus

    DEIC Bank Content Anomaly

    With the exception of Clarke's sister of course.
  6. Saturninus


    Dance parties!
  7. Saturninus

    The Drunk Show

    Based on my recent wars with UPN and DEIC I can confirm both AA and P&W are full of quitters.
  8. Saturninus

    Announcement from Praeteritum

    You made the right choice friends.

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