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  1. Cornerstone's tax rate is 4% at its highest, generally 0% during war. While LPS would be the biggest contributor to that tax pool of any nation, there are generally enough contributors that his nation's contribution isn't make or break. We genuinely like LPS and that's why we want him to stay. If you actually got to know the guy instead of insulting him constantly you'd see why we liked having him.
  2. I only remember one time Mensa was on the receiving end of a dogpile from us and that was a very long time ago.
  3. Ironically I have to kind of agree with Micchan, I'll be rebuilding and getting ready to defend my old friend regardless of the cost and I plan on nuking all the way down, as does LPS and every other member who jumps in. If anyone who attacks him is excited about losing infra on top of any military we may be able to kill then so be it, it will make a good aftershow.
  4. We're also very forgiving. We wish Bloc Death the best in their future endeavors.
  5. I don't blame him. The upper tier is stacked in our opposition's favor so heavily it's not even funny. He truly does have lots of real life issues causing him to be away for days at a time, I discussed it with him over FB, and he's scheduled to take more time throughout the year, so like it or not him going into VM is an actual reflection of the amount of time he actually has on his hands.
  6. SRD isn't on that list but he's hands down one of the best on Orbis imo The stats are legit, but I wouldn't use them alone
  7. Statistics don't impress me; what impresses me is coordination, boldness, and willingness to sacrifice. With that criteria I'd say some Guardian nations, and a few others from varying pockets of Orbis. Maybe some Mensa guys who aren't scared to take a beating as compared to just delivering one. Not as many current top tier nations would be on my list as most would think.
  8. The Inquisition Rebellion
  9. ODP with Fighting Pacifists and so you're attacking an alliance with them... Riiiiiiiiiight...
  10. There are two types of nations on Orbis, those who took the OP seriously and are now nice and cozy in their fortresses of solitude, and people like me who were like "ah that's funny!" and are now being destroyed.
  11. Yes, we did. We cleared the offer through them before even making it.
  12. Yeah, you tried so hard that you refused to agree to our offer of mutual decom and peaceful de-escalation of tension.
  13. I must say, I knew going in that us upper tier guys were toast, but still have to pay my respects to Guardian's quick reaction and efficient work. Compliments to the war chef.
  14. She should. Not only did we offer a mutual decom to all of Syndisphere, but immediately after giving us lip service on the offer it was revealed Syndisphere was plotting against us. I'll let other reveal more details if they want, but brazen plotting that's characterized by calling on others to attack us (as compared to simple contingency planning) isn't something that can be ignored.
  15. You know, all this talk is making me think the thread titled "EVERYONE GO INTO VACATION MODE" was in fact just a joke...
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