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  1. Yeah, the work-around is obvious. The mechanic remains dumb. I assume its to stop 1 soldier attacks or something but that is not what it does practically speaking. And don't try to 'think logically' about a game its a game. 'Thinking logically' leads to all sorts of complications mechanically and should be avoided.
  2. "You must have at least 50 soldiers to initiate a ground attack." Could you change it to be 50 Soldiers OR 50 tanks? What is the point of just soldiers for this mechanic?
  3. That would be fine. Un-dumb is all I suggest.
  4. I am sure BK will rise the the challenge of defending poor MENSA from the SK menace. They are logging in now.
  5. I see the unrecoverable flat spin is ongoing. If only some people had made suggestions about how *not* to enter the rotor wash. Honestly, its a good time to learn some life lessons sheepy so you can write a paper about it. Big picture: failure is a part of life. Kemal must be so proud! Logging back out now =)
  6. Oh, you. I knew you would never be able to keep RL out of the game.
  7. Ignore the TESTies they are a bit overflowing with salt at the moment.
  8. He could make it 1%, or whatever, of steel/gas/munitions. . .then again I would just shoot my shit to the bank - fortify - shoot it back to myself. You could just fix the broken mechanic...
  9. Admin fails teach the player base wat now?
  10. Well, I saw one worse before. That game is dead. Alex can you now modify our bank upwards a significant, and undisclosed, amount to undo the significant damage you did by revealing our bank holdings? Thanks in advance.
  11. He does, he gets ultra focused sometimes and blinds himself.
  12. Pre is right that anyone cound have gone crying to admin. What is not right is a) that someone who knows better did and that admin listened. Expecting announced game mechanics to stay constant, at least in the short term, should not be a question -it should be a given. Alex's youth and inexperience mean it is not. You, pre, should have maintained your previous moral highgound. Instead you took the low road.
  13. 100% that pre was buthurt and whining. I know that having better players leave raises your feels of selfworth. I am unsure of the % that eventuality. We may be here to smack you down for a long time, you might just convince me to stay.
  14. I believe I said we are talking about it. A statement of fact. As to Pre I just pointed out that he was super triggered and slunk off to whine to admin, also a statement of fact. Clear enough for ya? I can try using smaller words and shorter sentances for you.
  15. Its not really a threat. Statement of fact. Nor am I accusing Pre of whining, just pointing out that he did.
  16. What about players who do not identify as people? Their implies personhood. Player BeachBunny is identifies as attack helocopter.
  17. "Bug". I like this feature.
  18. You sick fantasies about bathtoom attendants are not relevant.
  19. This is great. Now. Go find where else I said I would quit. How about the: Waiting on TEST to deliver war or: TEST is the best military alliance war
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