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  1. PVTandrew* not PTV :'(
  2. This pretty much sums up everything about gun control and crap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63i1yCswEtI
  3. Just something I have never been able to understand, for those who smoke it to get happy, why?
  4. Or you can all get over the fact that some people have different views, arguing about this will piss people of no matter what, Think about what you do more than you think about what others do.
  5. Wow, as soon as you guys gave a logical argument he stoped, wonder why that is.......
  6. Meanwhile me "helping" apeman has done 0% damage to the BoC shields, I can finally say I have meet at BoC member with honour for once though, so that's an upside, Still stoke the fire and let the homes burn, I stand with my ally even in death love the thread btw
  7. You mean BoC attacked me and then you threatened me so I attacked you. also if you try to screenshot the convo in your favour Ill just post it all.
  8. Wow why does every one hate Titan xD
  9. thePVT


    Pol pot you are sadly misinformed
  10. So carbon dating is no evidence that the earth is over 6000 years old? also you need to check the information you use.
  11. So? the new update should prevent that right?
  12. Oh no, you warned me about this and your hit list
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