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  1. You [email protected]#$ed over Cambodia... And now the market? D:

  2. i intrested. where is recording for radio program?
  3. Pol Pot


    as normal, the crapitlist goes to insults instead of reason. that's why great leaders like pol pot, stalin and mao purged their countires of such ellements this site shows giants real - http://www.6000years.org/frame.php?page=giants but as normal. athiests mock believers and have silly theories like evolution which are riddoculous. carry on reading your ayn rand nonsense capitalist athiests.
  4. Pol Pot


    https://answersingenesis.org/dinosaurs/ this debunks your idea on dinos.
  5. Pol Pot


    why is the person who stopped the nazis and the holocaust and saved millions of lives by defeating fascism so hated by the west? are the capitalist just upset that comrade stalin's policies worked?
  6. Pol Pot


    can you prove god doesn't exist and bible isn't real? oh no, you can't. so you can see it's a message and you ignore it. yes. the capitalist have corrupted. but come revolution, we will destroy the capitalist system and make one world gov under maoist state
  7. we don't have to use nazism for capitalist extremism this man is king Leopold of Belgium, under his extreme capitalist rule, millons of africans were murdered. in horrible ways this type of thing is caused by capitalism
  8. Pol Pot


    it's quite real. there is much evidence to support it, scientists have dug up bones of giants in south Africa confirming the bible for example sadly most so called christians endorse capitalism. not the socialist message of jesus christ.
  9. nazism should be banned. extreme capitalism like nazism is wrong and disgusting.
  10. Pol Pot


    jesus is the way the truth and the light. it's impossible to deny his glory
  11. Pol Pot


    atheism isn't religion you should put none instead atheists dont exist however. as they really hate god, they are really christians or maybe satanists who declare themselves as athiests in defiance of lord jesus christ. also. get mensa nonsense off list. dioism isn't real religion. is capitalism on there? as the upper class see it as a religion.
  12. it is happening the proletariat are rising up against the rich and the capitalist pigs that rule society. this is skirmish before the class warfare that will happen in the future where the entire black working class population will rebal against the bourgeois. the bourgeois have enslaved the black population making it look like slavery is not around. that is a lie slavery is still happening today against the proletariat the bourgeois are disgusting they make black people work to fuel their capitalist empire and kill innocent socialist people in iraq and vietnam. shops like the ones smashed up that people have posted at blacks striking out against capitalism and the exploitation of them. i hope many more shops and buisnesses are smashed and revolution starts against america. capitalism should be destroyed and buisness owners are worse then mass murderers for then endorsement of the system as normal. the capitalist fascist goverment of america will send in police to murder the working class. if capitalists cannot win intellegently, they get guns out and shoot you. they did it to MLK, he was assainated by the CIA. if we did not have capitalism and private ownership, this wouldnt be problem. everybody would be equal and happy in totalitrian society. white police officers that killed black people would be executed for murder. slavery comes from capitalism and private ownership and only way to get rid of it is get rid of capitalism. i hope the revolution works!
  13. socialist saddam was a good man. he supports the socialist islam that al queda and ISIS support and was against the bourgeoisie USA.
  14. this is intresting do working people of hawaii have many natural resources they can harvest in socialist society in order to build there empire? as without oil or food for example, im not sure how they could last
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