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  1. I finished SAO 1 yesterday. I thought it was pretty good until around ep 17 or whatever. It kinda dropped off then, but it was still good though. Now I just started SAO II
  2. Ah, that makes more sense. I am not sure why i mentioned tornadoes. A tornado would destroy a house whether it was on water or not
  3. I would be worried about hurricanes or tornadoes. The building doesn't look structurally safe.
  4. I never read this thread until now, but the OP has no logic. I believe the Illuminati exist in today's society, but the logic in his post is face-palm worthy. He basically wants to get rid of religion and what, create a cult? That sounds like a good idea. Let's just say, I won't be drinking the fruit punch.
  5. Don't forget! http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/hillary-clinton-promotes-law-to-ban-violent-video-games-1.550126
  6. I got rekt. Goodjob guys. (especially the coordinated attacks of Cornerstone)
  7. It will suck to see you on the battlefield, but I enjoyed the DoW. o7
  8. Also the beginning of an era of good ads. ayy lmao
  9. I wasn't actually referring to you at all. I was just saying that in general. Here's your urban dictionary definition. "A person (usually a male) who sees the typical maiden in distress, and believes that he can help her. A male version of the "mother figure" that some girls become." -Obviously the 'official' definition differs from the urban definition. Basically a girl can hit a guy in public and nobody will come to his aid, but as soon as he fights back, the typical white knight will come to her aid. It's rather screwed up to say the least
  10. Everything else you said really just doesn't make sense, and I am pretty sure that this is a troll topic. This is sadly true though. If you have seen the occasional dumb 'social experiment' video, you will know that this is a sad fact in society. Women can be just as bad as men in some respects. I think a lot of men can agree that if a woman is punching you and physically abusing you, then you should have the right to stop her at all means, without causing permanent damage. Some white knights will argue that you should never hit a woman no matter the circumstance, but some are insane and will chase you around with knives. Obviously the cops should be called, but they might not believe you, as you mentioned.
  11. What are your thoughts on compulsory schooling? Is it good for our kids, is it bad?
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