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  1. I never indicated who backed what but ok sweety. I’m supposed to feel hurt by that comment or? I thought I would be respected for knocking out an alliance y’all in this thread was so heated still existed lmao
  2. It is a removal of the government that Couped him.
  3. Protectorate Treaty between The United Empire of Zah'Aharon and the Knights of Malta Preamble The Below Signatories hereby initiate this treaty as a foundation for growth and prosperity toward the two alliances The United Empire of Zah'Aharon and Knights of Malta. Sovereignty The Signatories below encourage individuality and consider each other to be separate entities within Orbis. Mutual Peace Signatories of this pact agree to resolve any conflict between the signing alliances in private, through discussion and diplomacy. Defense As Protector under the terms of this treaty, The United Empire of Zah'Aharon pledges to aid in the protection and defense of the Knights of Malta from all enemies, combatants, and actors willing to inflict harm on the Knights of Malta. Offense In the event either signatory takes offensive action against any nation, alliance, or bloc - including, but not limited to, Declarations of War - neither signatory is bound by the terms of this treaty to aid in such an endeavor. If the Protectorate commits one or more act(s) of aggression that results in the Protectorate requiring defense, the Protector is also not bound by this treaty to aid in the defense of the Protectorate but may do so if they are so willing. Cooperation Upon this treaty’s installment, it is agreed the signatories shall offer coordinated strike council, economic assistance, and sharing of any information that might reveal the placement of any danger upon the signatories, all done through diplomatic channels. Termination Either Signatory of this pact may withdraw, with 48 hours’ notice, to one another for any reason. Signatories The United Empire of Zah'Aharon Eternal Empress Therana Athulis Eternal Empress Alexia Knights of Malta Grand Master Ayo Grand Master Darkness Arises Grand Master Cyloch
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