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  1. What is defined as a “garbage patch” by the pirates circling it is actually a thriving city made from collected and reused plastic floating on the open ocean. The three peoples in the city call themselves Camelot, The Fighting Pacifists, and The Dead Rabbits. One day the three were looking off the coast when they saw a large pirate ship off the coast. Over the course of a few days the ship was seen loading up its cannons and flying the war flag. The Fighting Pacifists knew they had to protect their city so they prepared for battle. Camelot and The Dead Rabbits cheered them on as they protected their home. Right now a brutal battle is being waged between the pirates and the pacifists. We live on a thriving city of conservation, yet they call us a garbage patch.
  2. We have a flag. I can send it later.
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