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  1. Outburst

    7/12/2017 - A Few Small Changes

    FYI, the link to this thread is missing in the In-Game Changelog.
  2. Outburst

    Embargo from Deleted nation

    Currently have a trade embargo against my nation from a few months ago. It seems the nation who embargoed me, ID=17073, has been deleted, but the embargo still stands. What gives?
  3. If you send me a message, or post to my Wiki wall, I get email notifications. What did you see that needed fixing (other than the whole thing needs updating).
  4. You are correct. No nuclear meltdown has been added yet, though it has been discussed several times.
  5. Outburst

    Wiki Vandalism

    For those wondering, the current active wiki admins are: Ajwinchell DrRush12358 Kurdanak Outburst PerfectMafia Pops Capo TheCaptainNao
  6. Outburst

    Default Search Options

    I agree it needs to be bumped up. I usually end up searching for 105 or 150 results, which get truncated at 50.
  7. Outburst

    Glitch cost me over 600 k....

    Sheepy, one tip that may make these messages clearer is to eliminate the use of "You" and "Your" and just use ruler names. A bit more jargon-like, but clearer who sent what.
  8. Outburst


    Color bonus just gives you a bonus to your income when your nation's color matches that of your alliance.
  9. Outburst

    Best way to buy infra

    Buying in blocks of 100 is best. Selling to get to a lower price is not an attractive option, unless you are selling a few infra to get down to 0-10. Simply, buy 100 as required, unless 100 bumps you into needing another powerplant, but not another slot to buy it (505, 1021, etc.)
  10. Outburst

    Reversed seasons?

    It's easier to explain that all of Africa is in the southern hemisphere than say that this pixel on the map is northern and this one is southern.
  11. Outburst

    Hibernation Mode

    If all the resources from hibernating nations went to the alliance, what would prevent an alliance of hibernators from gathering vast sums of resources for use by the active few?
  12. Outburst

    Random Events

    Your memory is correct. There is the default effect for not picking a response, which is always a terrible effect, and then two options. One is usually better than the other, but which is the better one depends on what you are doing with your nation within the next month.
  13. I like the idea of using sanctions as potential truce conditions. Not sure on the random percentage, but that could be refined to a fixed percentage or determined on somekind of basis. What would prevent an alliance from sanctioning an alliance, bulking up with the additional money gained, and destroying them anyways? It is unique, yes, but is it actually constructive? Pretty much this.
  14. Outburst

    embargo button on profile page

    A button on both profile pages and alliance pages would be very nice.
  15. Outburst

    Spying on Alliance Banks

    I'm going to agree with everyone else. I don't think there is a way to fairly protect the smaller alliances if it is based on spy count alone. I could possibly envision average spy count being a way to protect smaller alliances, however. Then again, I still think beiging an alliance member should be the way to obtain the information if it isnt available in a war report already as mentioned above.

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