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  1. At least there is some positivity in this forum.
  2. because of butthurt raiders who can't deal with people posting and have to get toxic about it. I might aswell quit the game and delete my forum account because I am tired of getting hated on, and bullied (I think) upon. i said i dont care, but when it comes down to bullying, that is where i draw the line.
  3. Not really surprised. Was replying to the title.
  4. From us in The United Order of Concordia, we wish you luck my friend!
  5. Join today and join the unity! we offer: - money - lottery - Places to vibe - Econ support - War Support - and more! https://discord.gg/Gd5DQjSKkg The United Order of Concordia is calling you brother!
  6. the hell you mean welcome, i been here since November 2020.
  7. kind of late introduction, let me introduce myself. well. sup. i am LunaHD, also known as the United Provinces of Luna.
  8. won 2 days, i am winning.

  9. had to end the lunar society saga, sad day. ;-;

  10. i can do as i please.
  11. noted, thanks. na, were good.
  12. did you hear the news?
    apparently not your not in "good morning Orbis news"!
    we offer you correct news
    and also
    - Vibing channels
    - radio music and news
    - Chute Mi memorial
    - much more & more comin soon!

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