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  1. At a certain point one begins to wonder why people still bother to type up game suggestions. Every last one of them falls on deaf ears. Even if they didn’t it would take 2 years to implement any meaningful changes. Anyways I’ll probably get a strike on my account now for daring to question the work ethic of the dev team. I’m sure they’re working very hard to get us another two national projects out in the next year. I only pray that these won’t be designed to be useless and only exist as a poor justification for there being a dev team like military salvage or fallout shelter.
  2. My apologies. I didn’t see the ending until after I made the post. It was certainly a mistake in my part. I meant to quote these earlier. Anyways sorry about that. I realized my mistake latter on. Probably should’ve read the full post, but I was rather annoyed at the people touting that idea around the other day.
  3. I look forward to seeing the supposed legendary skill of TFP on full display. I’m sure it’ll be a marvelous spectacle, though perhaps not in the way you intend. Post Scriptum: In case it hasn’t been made clear, there’s no chance in this world Ripper deleted because of you guys.
  4. It’s been a true pleasure to have fought alongside you all. I wish you all nothing but the best as you go on to forge your own destiny, and I hope our interests align again some day.
  5. I suppose all those old men fell asleep at their keyboards for the duration of the war. It’s the only way getting over -70bil in net makes sense. That or I guess Grumpy had to uphold their theming and prove themselves to be the game’s premier retirement home and do absolutely nothing.
  6. Worcestershire


    Saying someone has 0 IQ? You don’t want to know how many points that’s worth.
  7. I think it is fair enough to point towards "Declaring war on a nation without the intention of fighting them is punishable by a nation strike" and claim that just about everything brought up was slot filling, but my issue is that the rule doesn't seem consistent with that being the case every time. It's been my understanding that slot filling is based on specifically trying to make sure someone (like an ally) can't be hit and therefore gain some unfair advantage over your opponents. It just seems like when the rule states things like this: "Declaring war on your allies is generally considered war slot filling and against the rules. In cases where relationships between nations or alliances are not clear, moderators will use their best determination to decide if nations are allied and therefore war slot filling or not. One example of this type of rule-breaking behavior would be leaving your alliance to declare on someone in your alliance or a nation in an alliance allied to your alliance, and then rejoining your alliance." it's geared towards collusion to gain an advantage. It makes it sound like the first part only really applies to declaring on allies, and that moderation will try to determine whether some advantage was gained, and therefore if it was slot filling or not. At the end of the day, I'm not really advocating for any change. I really don't mind just doing a few suicide ground attacks in the future, but I think it should be understandable how you can look at the rule and come to the conclusion that what happened wasn't slot filling in the way that was specified.
  8. Congratulations on the anniversary. Here’s to another 2000 days of back and forth warring. We wouldn’t be the same without you.
  9. I don’t think any of those can get 15 votes with how much filler there is to wade through.
  10. In all seriousness though good luck Probably not doing much in practice, but they are in theme.
  11. Congratulations on forming the second best Christian aa Zig! Right after 770 of course.
  12. Well good luck to Camelot on wherever they're going next. Looks at notes... Wait, they say they're going paperless now?
  13. I personally thought that our CB was too good
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