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  1. It will be named once the war is over through a vote, my friend. That's how we do things. "GW26" is just temporary.
  2. It's been over a year and you finally respond? Lol.
  3. Good luck to both sides in the future! ❤️
  4. Interesting treaty to see! I am very happy to see new developments! Best of wishes/luck to TKR and CTO in this treaty!
  5. Hello, my friend! I'm assuming you're returning to the game after being away for so long! Welcome back! As for what happened regarding NPO, they were caught cheating. They managed to recruit ~1000 new players in a short amount of time to an extension of theirs known as "Guinea Pig Whaling Corps" ("GPWC"). Obviously, this caused a lot of suspicion across the game's community, as it doesn't make much sense to have that many players in a single alliance coming in all at once. But, an initial investigation concluded that all of these players were separate and not multi accounts, and as a result, the admins basically just left the situation alone for now. But some time later, more details came out that NPO was involved in a full-blown operation in mass recruiting players from a community that was dedicated towards "manwha" (Korean comics) and they got them all to sign up in exchange for English-language translations of said "manwha". If you don't know, this is widely regarded as a serious breach of game rules. (There is a rule that doesn't allow exchange of IRL goods in exchange for in-game goods or something along those lines). This whole operation allowed NPO and their coalition a massive advantage due to NPO "tax farming" them (setting them all on 100/100 taxes) in a war that was going on at the time. NPO required the "manwha readers" to log in just enough so they could continue taxing them or else, they would deny them access to the comics if they weren't taxable until they made the necessary changes. Alex ended up banning NPO leadership (who were behind the whole operation) and NPO was essentially disbanded (although they still exist in-game technically, although they are mostly a dead alliance with only a few fairly inactive players). Hope this answers your question! If it doesn't and you had a different question, please let me know, thanks!
  6. Good job, TLE! You truly are the masters of the ocean! May "Poseidon" (in reference to the actual Greek god, not that other guy, lol) bring greatness and prosperity to TLE!
  7. Good luck to your new sphere!
  8. Hey there! I understand this is quite an interesting time for you guys in t$, and deciding your future is not an easy task. But I only wish the best for you and I hope your next decision will be ultimately what's best for both t$ and the whole game. Good luck to you all! I hope the months ahead are great ones for you!
  9. An interesting post! The memes are quite unique and funny, lol. Good luck to all sides!
  10. Interesting suggestion there! Thanks for sharing! It's a shame that this hasn't gotten more replies. I'm the first, lol.
  11. Good luck to you Minesome + your alliance and Wei, plus their leadership!
  12. Congratulations! Here's to another great year for Cataclysm! Wish you luck!
  13. Good luck to both DP and Cataclysm on the merger!
  14. I'll miss being lost in Atlantis.
  15. From what I have seen, you're a C4 currently. Food isn't worth producing, especially at such a small size. As an econ member for a major alliance, I know this quite well. Economically speaking, its better to buy food. Your nation wouldn't make enough food to have a decent surplus, it would be mostly going towards your population for consumption and you wouldn't have enough left over to sell for a significant profit. I'm a C14 currently, I buy my food since it isn't really worth farming until at least C20 or higher. Even then you would need the Mass Irrigation project and a lot of land. I think its better to invest in infrastructure or even new cities. (Talk with your alliance for their guidance or direction.) Your main way of making income at this size would be to raid or sell some raw resources you're producing. (Again, talk with your alliance for more guidance on this.) Hope this helps. Also, I hope you enjoy this game. Also, yes, this is quite a late reply. I wasn't paying attention to the date this post was made, lol.
  16. I think it's a bad idea, I sort of find this pointless since the national project "Moon Landing" is already kind of pointless, I kinda find your idea of "rovers" pointless, no offense. You have plenty of resources you could mine or refine depending on the continent, plus you get a bonus for having a certain amount of mines/wells and/or refineries/mills/factories. I believe a new group of resources called "Commodities" are being added in a future update (not really "resources" but you get the idea), which makes the goal of the "rovers" which is to gain "small amounts" of resources sort of pointless and not worth the investment and time into the development of said mechanic. Just a tip, if you want one of the developers to read and potentially incorporate your idea into the game, you have to really go into detail on how something like a "rover" would work as a mechanic in the game. I want you to take this as feedback or constructive criticism. I don't want you to take this the wrong way or discourage you from sharing ideas to make the game better. I see you're a newer player, I'd suggest learning more about this game and the mechanics so you can have more improved and more "in-depth" ideas. Hope you enjoy this game.
  17. Nice. Can't wait for the public application for mods. I've haven't been here too long and I'm straight up addicted to this game (I login daily lol).
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