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  1. About the automatic resource giving out when someone deletes their account, it will actually give those resources to a completely  random nation within their spy range.

  2. joining a shit micro with 0 taxes is still going to reduce your chances of being raided by 90%
  3. Apart from this (makes MLP useless) it's a great idea, especially with the Embargoes point
  4. RPC already exists, dunno if this is a typo but I'm reading it as there's a negative multiplier as you go higher in cities? This has good intentions but what I see coming from this is New Players attempting to get to 3000 land rather than stop buying farms. If this does make it in the game, what happens to existing farms on cities below 3000 land? If you had 3000 infra, and 40 cities, your upkeep would be 1200 of each manufactured resource per day, this would probably destroy the market. Infrastructure Decay should happen in periods of inactivity Great idea, but a few questions: Is it like a separate tab where you make decisions like NationStates and it affects your nation, or is it just random events that give you these bonuses?
  5. "Oh no, I got unlucky! This game must be broken!"
  6. I have 0 clue on how I have kept 100% approval for such a long time, a welcome change if possible
  7. Day 1, I picked up Blitzkrieg because it seemed like it would be great to start with 7 MAPs. I was an idiot.
  8. if this was any other alliance, not blitzing at day change or even have a good organized blitz and posting DoW (which there are discord bots that notify when something is posted in Alliance Affairs), it would get noticed instantly and increase your chance of failure but Mac is very unpopular, you are correct on that regard
  9. Due to its ROI being so bad it takes FIVE YEARS, Military Salvage needs a buff, so here are a few ideas - Military Salvage salvages 15% of its resources lost - Military Salvage salvages even when you get an Utter Failure Though the ROI will still take tons of time, it is still able to do its main function of being helpful in impossible situations (blockaded, out of resources), just without being a massive waste of money that the project is Or... you can just make the project cheaper.
  10. An interesting feature, I like it
  11. Resource Saving? lol no youre not getting free stuff kek colonies are stupid broken, it would destroy the economy
  12. "Can't delete" mfw anyone with this project is never getting into any AA ever
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