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  1. Me after reading this post: "My happiness is immeasurable, and my day has been enlightened"
  2. I wonder if the next 6 months would bring some change to UPN. :thonk: Congratulations!
  3. Me: Write that down! Write that down!
  4. You should stay away. The bans applied should've been permanent. You and many others spent an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and resources to prevent me, members of my community, and people that I liked from being able to enjoy the game outside of a very narrow field of conditions during war. On your way out, your community sought to cause as much financial damage to the game as possible, and people your community happily associated with doxxed Alex and his family. I am not willing to look past this, and I have no desire to share this game with you or anyone else who was a decision maker in what was the largest cheating operation in the game's history. ~ Thalmor
  5. Judging by what I'm getting from all of the replies here, it seems that I've missed quite a lot of chaos. I won't really say 'Welcome back', because ironically at time of writing, you have already perma-VMed again. I have heard of about who you are and what you have done in the past, but I did not experience it first-hand so I have no right to judge or forgive. I just wish you good luck.
  6. I don't know who you are. But what is this 'NPO', some new shit*y micro? Lmao, gotta give credit for owning up to your mistakes and apologizing for it. As far as I know though, it won't change the fact that you still ran the largest cheating scandal Orbis has ever seen. I hope to see that never happens again. Now, I wonder if other NPO members are coming back :thonk:
  7. 152, wtf is this lol
  8. I love these kinds of videos a lot and I did not expect someone to make one for Guns & Roses. Thanks!
  9. That unironically looks sick ^
  10. Congrats and good luck to both parties. I send my regards to all of you.
  11. "No Mr.White, how can I be a pixel-hugger? I had IRL issues." bloody hell jokes aside finals hurt
  12. The doctor said that I'm legally blind, trying to read this more or less confirms it. All I can see is the t$ flag and PV flag, so I assume its a treaty. Good luck!
  13. 9/10 Would be better if sun was a stock sphere.
  14. @Indger tFed and TLE are the core members of Swamp. That is why their MDoAP treaty was still considered 'Swamp' prior to the official disbandment and despite the departure of many members of the bloc.
  15. It was annoying to see all of the ducks in my toilet, so I tried flushing. Not only did that not get rid of all the ducks in it, it permanently clogged my drainage system. Now I am wondering why I did that, and I knew I had to pay the price when I looked at the stats. It was unfortunate, but it was 'Ducks in the Toilet' 1 - 0 'Mutsu' Mark my words, vengeance will be mine!
  16. And I was wondering what TLE was going to do going forward after TLR. This ain’t so bad. Rest in Peace Swamp. It was nice to fight ducks alongside you all.
  17. Good luck. Like seriously. Well it won't take long until you guys catch up, hopefully. Gotta make it more interesting than Ramadan Rumble (GW17 Part 1)
  18. Thank you Minesome, very cool
  19. Too much text close to each other, TLDR pls all jokes aside, good luck.
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