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  1. I started this game as a fun thing to keep myself and my friends occupied at work/home. Hours turned into Days, Days turned into months and months turned into a year. Now I find my nation at roughly 620 days old. I've been in many alliances. Avengers, Camelot, The Blitzers, and Error 404. I've made many friends and enemies. Don't know what else to say. But, Thank you. To my Friends at Error 404. Thank you. To Base, Borg, and Dyana. Thank you for giving me multiple opportunities to be Gov. To make this interesting. I might be holding multiple giveaways before I officially leave. I am giving away everything that I can. (Mostly all money) If you would like to win. Stop by WYN's Discord See ya!
  2. then you should not use "Peace in our time" for some random ass meme war. We all know Jaiden loves attention and this is proving it.
  3. NTF's won't work in this game. Hell someone tried to start a crypto currency. We have a RP section of the game. You could try there but nobody actually wants to pay 100m for Pixel Art I can make in like 2 seconds. NTF's only work if something has a worth. I doubt your pixel art has any worth at all.
  4. bruh the average city count for ur alliance is 2 💀
  5. damn forgot about your prodigy 😔
  6. on the same level as Oasis. Oh wait they are Oasis (sekret treaty)
  7. barely. couldn't get even a decent net in quack's dogpile. Hell they weren't even the ones who got blitz. Hedge was. And we got top 5 in every category.
  8. Then why do you keep going back to? "Oh they had no skill/competency"
  9. That's your fault. You guys did kick them remember? You knew they weren't competent. You guys just threw them to the side.
  10. You keep saying that? Face The Facts. Delta didn't go to HM to stop the spy ops. Instead they went to war. We won. Delta changed there name. Note: Delta should thank us for giving them some war experience. I wouldn't want to know what would have happen if that war never happened and some other bloc went to war with them. I have nothing against Delta. They probably want revenge but who cares.
  11. Delta Blitzed Us (Twice) We went to counter that Blitz. If Delta really wanted to not start a war. They could have went to HM. And talked about the Spy Ops. Delta Started It.
  12. mm i should call dave. 😘😘
  13. They wanted peace day 1. We didn't want that. @KevanoviaYou probably want to fill Latsu in on the details.
  14. Yes. Care about some alliances that you kicked. Why don't you team up with Johnson's? I think your milcom will be thrilled to have some extra help.
  15. Why do you care what Delta does? You guys [email protected]#$in kicked them from Oasis? Delta could have won Low Tier. But, Lacked Military Competence or even ma in general.
  16. minesome's post is better. get gud kid
  17. very wise bk man ayy lmao
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