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  1. TLE was gonna slot them and they got scared :serious:
  2. [DoW] - Big Sexy Kermit incoming I BSK hereby declare war on Black Skies ten years from now :serious: This DoW will go into effect on June 11th, 2031
  3. It is now tradition for every micro to exist to at some point DoW on BS
  4. maybe this mindset is why you never made high gov :3
  5. Signed for Rose: BSKsplick :duccc2: :serious:
  6. Signed: BSKsplick :duccccc2: :serious:
  7. Took me a minute to load the page, all I saw was an Error message. 😛 Congrats on 1yr!
  8. micro with no prot, free raid targets ? :serious:
  9. ayy lmao, Disband your respective alliance and join None also Happy birthday lol
  10. this is why you dont merge with an alliance that kru leads, lmfao
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