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  1. its a raiders life for me
  2. I do think that the damage incurred by missiles is a good deterrent. Many players work hard to achieve their infra goals and that 3- 10 mil can be a lot to many of them, especially if multiplied. And for those at lower city levels, it can be especially frustrating. Eradicating the ID in its current form would put the advantage toward the larger and more powerful alliances who have many members in the lower city counts. As was noted by Tyrion's response, they would love to see it nerfed in any way possible. That would mean less damage for them and less chance of a outnumbered combatant being successful in imposing any real damage toward a larger aggressor. The result of that could very well be more bully-boy tactics by the larger alliances. The larger alliances have the manpower necessary to impose their agendas already, why make it more easy for them and harder to defend against? IMO, the ID offers a good defense for both sides. If one is worried about taking damage from missiles, then they should get it. If they would rather have a different project in that slot, that is their choice. As has also been noted, the damage isn't massive, just a deterrent. And that is a good thing.
  3. I'm in favor of nerfing all dogpile warfare
  4. Haven't you yourself said you couldn't find those statements? Or am I missing something? You claimed he was joking.
  5. I couldn't have said it better. I doubt the conflict started because of the supposed error he claimed. Just saying. Very disappointing.
  6. Maybe he should learn how to write first. But then, appropriate for swamp. Not real bright.
  7. Yes, she is a beauty indeed. Treat her well and she will grant you many hours of enjoyment. She likes to work hard though
  8. It could just be me but, this sounds a little odd coming from someone who is upset at others for being prejudicial and racial. Name calling is a major part of showing racial animosity. Anyway, I am certain that a seasoned world traveler and a lover of diverse cultures should be keenly aware that there is racial and ethnic bigotry in all parts of the world to include all races and cultures.
  9. Again - Wow. You really do have a difficult time grasping meanings, don't you?
  10. Wow. I wrote in small words and everything. My bait post
  11. I guess I have to explain this carefully. Please try and pay attention. The intent of my "bait" post was to bring out the hypocrisy of saying that we basically aren't worth the time or effort. If that were truly the case, then this whole topic and thread would not matter. It has even been called "A Epic FA moment". So I suppose it does matter. That means we as an alliance matter. I have attempted to write in small words and speak very clearly. Please let me know if you require any further clarification.
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