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  1. Withheld must be really kramped right now.
  2. When did I say they can roll us? The entire prompt was giving a fight, even with blitz advantage if they don't change down declares it is still a very unlikely win and I'll admit that completely
  3. Midgard was mentioned because it's it's biggest non GGO that comes to mind, also with blitz advantage those numbers can very well compete for non c31+ Also imagine thinking talking about a sphere means we will hit them Also worth mentioning down declares are soon to be severely nerfed if admins are to be trusted Edit: The numbers I'm referring to is the sheet on RON, idk wtf they posted ngl
  4. Midguard fairly easily, give us a fight that is, but they likely won't win with current tiering Edit: But as we have shown, anything is possible in love and war ❤️
  5. I love you too Also I didn't know that a little MA head from weeb has enough rep that you stop responding to me.
  6. I deeply enjoy the fact that you assume I had a hand in forming the new sphere, but I didn't and there is a reason why im not a signatory of this treaty. Also exaggerating the power? Yeah totally, even with this new sphere we barely contend with GGO and would only win if we drag them down hard enough. Also bold of you to assume I give enough about this that I'm gonna go back and find tiering numbers. Even if its just the feud with Rose that more than proves my point, and even back then obviously we would need to be careful about our declarations, we were confident but not fricking stupid lmao.
  7. Let me put this simply for your baby brain to understand. - What part of we rolled spheres for shits and giggles do you not understand, we declared wars because we could even when outnumbered - We did the whole smaller spheres shit for a year and although it was fun, we weren't properly competitive, this is our chance to dip our toes into the opposing side. - Mini spheres can not be competitive when the entity called GGO exists, if you really gave a !@#$ go complain about ggo's existence
  8. Where the !@#$ were all these people when clock was rolling larger spheres for shits and giggles? When we proved the viability of much smaller spheres to the point of causing a sphere to sphere mdp? Why weren't you preaching the importance of smaller spheres back then? But yeah you can turn around and when we finally give in to having a larger sphere we are the bad guys, kinda cringe ngl.
  9. This will be interesting. Have fun!
  10. It was fun warring with you guys, good luck on any future endeavours!
  11. Nooooo, one 10 city man micros never fail, where could you have possibly gotten that idea from? One man micros are always the best!!!
  12. Ngl the obsession with CB's in the first place is dumb. Just chill, have fun. Why tf do you care if they had reason or not. Also good luck to you guys.
  13. My Condolences. There are few people willing to go so far for people they only know through the internet. He sounds like a great person and someone who went out of his way to help as many people as possible.
  14. At least it isn't a post lmao
  15. Ok and? If your not going to partake in war don't make a post on it. Nobody cares if your micro doesnt participate in war, like seriously.
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