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    Tis was shut down, rest in peace.
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    Also shut down, but I didn't care about this.
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    I'm poor.
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    Never made one.
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    Pfft. Yahoo.
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    Basically Beta Skype.
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    I forgot my password .-.
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    IRL- I love politics and history, plus philosophy is always fun.
    P&W- Foreign Affairs is my sort of thing, with maybe a dash of Military Affairs every now and then. I have lots of experience with FA though. Pretty good at Econ if needed.
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  1. PnW down? Or just me?

    1. Phoenyx


      It's fine for me right now. 

    2. Aqua-Corpsman


      Yeah, 3 hours later du durrr

    3. Emergency Food Paimon

      Emergency Food Paimon

      Just sleep for long ass hours like me, and you'll never see the site being down

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