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  1. Who is ready for spooky season??


  2. This war has got to be top teir of my most boring wars fa and ingame wise i have ever witnessed fr.. it doesnt even deserve a war name

    Yall only have yourselves to thank for shiz like this muck dwellers


  3. Where are Alliance pips and Rep points gone? what did you break

    1. Charnel Harper

      Charnel Harper

      nvm found them, still ugly as hell now tho

    2. JadenStar10


      Alex cant fix it yet.

    3. Alex


      Working on it


    1. JadenStar10


      Anything I watch with Shapiro in it automatically gives me cancer.

  5. @Alex please remove kebab

    1. Alex


      "Remove kebab" is anti-Muslim and not allowed here. A warning point has been issued.

  6. Still the #1 Internet cat in my ❤️ 

  7. I miss you :c

    1. Charnel Harper

      Charnel Harper

      Balut Muncher is alive :0

  8. Lol @ everyone flipping out, where were you when the same thing happened to Zodiac? ?

  9. yeah alliances are bad, but what about people who can't copy paste to plain text?

  10. mfw warned for Derailing Topics and Spamming, I'm ASD this is literally my existence... cure ban me, make it easier for us both ❤️

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