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  1. Peace in our time. I look forward to see what Rose's future holds. Best of luck!
  2. I'm kinda tired of arguing with people on the forum. So: Good luck and have fun guys on both sides Smart move honestly, hitting someone while their ally can't, it's strategically sound Please just... Keep the salt to a minimum, this is just a game after all For legal reasons: It was all Boyce's fault I can't even afford nukes anymore so I hope you aren't waiting for counters Unless explicitly stated by an FA representative of The Order (currently being only Boyce and myself) the opinions of said person are their own, and not representative of the official position of the alliance 😉
  3. Lmao I honestly await @Agent W's response to this one.
  4. This, lmao Inb4 paperless and you claim you're as good as KT.
  5. Congrats or Condolences? Either way, I'm surprised Cam did this, considering Mys Inc isn't all that bad and I don't think anyone else will take them in. Good luck?
  6. I mean, tbqh, everyone was a "potential target". The vast majority of us just wanted a war (as i'm not the first to admit, TLR was quite one sided and HM had been at peace for some time). Instead of just rebuilding waiting a month and then going to war, it was much easier and potentially cheaper to engage quickly. I'm certain each alliance in HW had their respective political intentions for engaging in the conflict, and yes, T$ was considered... for roughly 5 seconds. All of the ex-Quack alliances were adamant that we wouldn't be okay with doing just that quickly after cancelling the treaties. Furthermore, I was told that representatives from our sphere had reached out when we first started militarizing, and you insisted it was purely defensive, i'm not certain but I believe we insisted the same. I don't think KT hitting Eclipse should've been taken as aggression from HW, considering KT also hit CC which was not something most of HW was exactly fond of. Myself included. Also thanks' for admitting this.
  7. Hehe, good luck y'all. Glad to be working with you.
  8. Uh, just making sure you're aware Pre doesn't lead Guardian anymore...
  9. Hehe, now TO has two love triangles.
  10. I wouldn't have imagined this a few months ago, but i'm very excited and glad for this opportunity. 07 TLE
  11. Let Them Be Found Putmir and his legions had just returned home from their desperate attempt at defending their treasury, at the time home of some of the most valuable artifacts in the world. The battle was a hard one, but they fought with dignity. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Orbis, The Order and it’s armies had been resting, after fighting two large wars back to back. The memories of fighting against the legions of The Lost Empire still in the minds of many of the soldiers. But one thing they did remember, is how well they fought, the fierceness they showed, as well as their polite surrender. So they had the respect of The Order that’s why they decided to give it a shot, and we present to you the: Let Them Be Found Accords Article 1: Non-Aggression The Lost Empire and The Order, hereby referred to as “the signatories”, pledge that no acts of aggression will be taken against the other, for any purpose. Article 2: Aid The signatories agree to provide economic and technological assistance to one another, within reason. The signatories also agree to work with a combined vision for greater growth among both signatories. Article 3: Mutual Defense The signatories pledge to defend one another both diplomatically and militaristically if any outside party takes up arms against either signatory. In the case this article is invoked because of obligations to a third party by either signatory, articles 3 and 2 become optional, but still encouraged. Article 4: Optional Agression The signatories agree to allow the other to join on any of their respective war efforts, and also agree to coordinate in any mutual conflicts. Article 5: Cancellation Should either signatory believe this treaty no longer serves their best interest, they must give the other signatory 72 hours to prepare for cancellation, during this period all articles save Article 2 remain in effect. Signatures For The Order: Boyce the Great, Conqueror TigerFire, Inquisitorious Lord Vader, Grand Inquisitor of Foreign Affairs Thomas, Grand Inquisitor of Economics PeelsJ, Grand Inquisitor of Milcom For The Lost Empire: Ocean Master: Putmir Imperia: Dullard Legatus of Diplomacy: Xi Jinping Legatus of Economics: Waterwall Legatus of Internal Affairs: Henrik Legatus of Military Affairs: Germanicus TL:DR: The Order and The Lost Empire sign an MnDoAP
  12. Okay i'm gonna be honest. This is my least favorite suggestion you've made... ever.
  13. Unfortunate, but I wish you guys the best of luck.
  14. Wow TLE. Good move. Booo Cam, bullying forces who appear smaller. (Also wtf is with that horrible net?)
  15. Yeah I had 5 offensives as Kan can testify, was doing great. I waited and waited for counters and I got so bored that I just spammed my nation link begging for counters in TI general chat. Low and behold it worked, and I got beiged 5 times while still having plenty of ground. Fun times. I certainly agree with you and the over extension on our side Looks at Boyce. All in all I appreciate this post, and I hope alliances on both side take some of this and apply it, really is good tips. I truly am interested in what you have to say.
  16. The Order wishes to conduct all diplomacy with TKR via carrier pigeon now. Clicking on your server icon is too much work. Also happy birthday!
  17. Why increase casualties to your planes, and not just decrease the casualties to theirs?
  18. He wasn't active on NPO forums or Discord last I checked, so that actually makes sense.
  19. Smirks Welcome back Serious question, will Roq or Auctor be following you?
  20. You've faced some interesting odds, but you made it. Good job. Also that screenshot of me in your signature, where did that come from? Lol. I honestly don't remember saying that.
  21. Editor's Note: Our mission to catch up to Kev in total number of merges continues Also I love posting in the middle of the night for most players, makes it that more exciting in the morning
  22. VICTORY! The phrase could be heard echoing around Oceania. The conflict with the forces of Roasis Inc had concluded. Big Brother had – however – convinced the citizens of Oceania that war had never happened. But we all know the true story. Oceania had fought side by side with The Order during the conflict, each earning the respect of the other. After further discussion both parties were decided to be better united then apart. TL:DR: It is with this information that we announce Oceania is merging into The Order. Until further notice all nations in Oceania and its extensions / offshores are under protection of The Order.
  23. Kinda surprised you haven't just added Legion to Nexus. Congrats nonetheless
  24. Wow This is actually a move I support. Good Luck Y'all.
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