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  1. Sabriel

    Syndicate Declaration of Whelp

    You mean when we smacked you around for a bit, then your allies all burned trying to fight us and ours too? Well. I wouldn't say angry. But, yeah, let's do a round two.
  2. Sabriel

    Pew Pew Pew oblivion

    You have a lopsided/meh protectorate agreement if you're obligated to ride to your protector's preempts.
  3. Sabriel

    Dear the Syndicate

    Oh. Well. Yeah. Come on IRC so we can war banter.
  4. Sabriel

    Dear the Syndicate

    Mikey, you can't preempt us if we've already hit you. D=< That's not how this works. Y'all just look awkward now.
  5. Sabriel

    A Game of Thorns

    Don't lie bruh. I will drag Tenages out of inactivity to have him &#33;@#&#036;in' confirm that it was a thing discussed before he even stepped down. Just cause I smacked you down for being an incompetent jackass in another game does not justify coming after me in this one.
  6. Sabriel

    A Game of Thorns

    Sooooooooooooooo... You first demand to know why we only raised issues now. When we point out that we've raised issues before and were giving SK a chance to work through them, you then demand to know why we didn't just drop them because I, a former SK member, was aware of plans they'd had before I left? Is that how Rose rolls? "You did one thing I don't like, and a former member reported it to me, &#33;@#&#036; you you're gone no effort made to salvage the relationship nyah nyah!" Yes, seeing their move now, we can confirm that they followed through with the same plan that had been discussed before I left. But once I was gone, there was every chance that, seeing the political situation shift, they could have acted as rational political actors and shifted gears. They could have acted as decent allies and listened to the concerns of their partners. I see no reason that tS (or any AA for that matter) would be obligated to simply burn a bridge just because an ally had a poorly considered idea. But, please, continue to shift the goal posts. Let's see how far you can take it.
  7. Sabriel

    A Game of Thorns

    What makes you think these issues were only raised after SK informed us of their decision? We certainly let our displeasure at certain of their actions be known. I think you've got the situation in reverse here, honestly. tS had an issue with some things SK did, SK was made aware. SK had a plan (for months now) to drop tS and Mensa in order to veer off and try to form a new sphere, but said nothing until they gave notice of the cancellation of their treaties. On our side, we actually spoke to our ally when they did things that we didn't like. We didn't just drop them because, hey, maybe our allies are more than just meat shields to us. So SK knew what the issue was, and had a pretty good idea of how to resolve the situation(s). For their part, they actively planned to ditch their allies in favour of trying to gain a better set (the original plan was NPO and Alpha, but I guess that was changed after those two proved untenable in this war), didn't talk to their allies, and then tried to claim that it was some recent decision. The truth is, SK's been trying to dump its allies in order to build its own sphere for a long time, and the only reason this didn't happen sooner is because they couldn't figure out who to go with, or how to get the ties. This I know, because it was the same damned plan when I was SK gov. Only thing that I can see that's changed is they've shifted from their NPO-Alpha focus to a Rose focus. Same plan, still lied, still being shitty allies.
  8. Sabriel

    A Game of Thorns

    It's almost like they have a habit of making piss poor decisions and losing longstanding members over them, and then trying to ignore/downplay those decisions later.
  9. Sabriel

    The Long Night

    Wage your wars, southron. For every one of you who dies at the hands of the others, my armies will grow.
  10. Sabriel

    The Long Night

    While the soft minded and decadent fools south of the Wall have squabbled in their petty conflicts for their iron throne, they've forgotten their true masters in the Land of Always Winter. Men of the Kingdoms, bend your knee to the Night's Queen, and accept your place in the armies of the dead. Only those who acknowledge Queen Sabriel will be spared the horrors of the Long Night.
  11. Sabriel

    War Shout Outs

    Shout out to Victor Truchev of UPN. Took it in good graces to have been matched up against a stronger enemy, and had good war banter through it all. :3
  12. Sabriel

    Arrgh Declares War

    Arrgh! Fear the black flags!
  13. Sabriel

    What I learned in School:

    Oh man. I am ah-trembling We must abandon all hope, now that EoS has come to wipe us out! SK disbandment immanent.

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