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  2. No, the bug was just that the player's nation wasn't properly configured as "in vacation mode" in all ways for some unknown reason.
  3. I want to nuke a nation and wipe out 1000 planes.
  4. I meant from a code perspective.
  5. Not sure about this. Ships don't need an increase, very expensive as it is. Planes don't need a monetary increase, 3.7 million to buy maximum planes each day? no thanks. Better to simply increase resource cost of planes. Soldiers are irrelevant in the grand scheme and need to be affordable.
  6. This wasn't about rules, it was just a bug. Nations in Vacation Mode aren't supposed to be able to do offensive espionage operations.
  7. I've issued a moderation strike in-game, thanks for the report.
  8. Did it have something to do with the rule that you can spy on a nation you are fighting taking precedent of the rule to not spy in VM?
  9. No one told me anything, I kind of just assumed based on your behaviour. I didn't realize anyone could be this mad over discord moderation. And the rule breaking is in the use of re****. I believe it breaks the following rule. Name Calling - abusive or insulting language referring to a person or group. Example: Names associated with a person or persons lifestyle, race, religion - etc. Strictly prohibited. We understand that Roleplay forums are different than most IC Forums - therefore as long as posts are not intended to flame, bait, troll, or hurt another roleplayer - these types of posts are allowed.
  10. @Firwof Kromwell what are you doing you are not even apart of GNW what the H E double hockey sticks
  11. Thanks for the report, I'll handle it.
  12. Huh, he did delete his nation. Alright, marking as "No Matching Nation." Thanks.
  13. Huh, you're right, that is a very strange bug. That should be resolved now, sorry about that! Thanks for the report.
  14. Today
  15. Yes, because I haven't been able to duplicate the bug myself so I can't test my potential fixes and know when it's fixed. If you stop making reports, I'll assume that the issue has gone away. You don't need to necessarily make a new thread, you could just reply in here and let me know. Thank you.
  16. Not that some of them haven't tried and are still trying.
  17. Downvoted because you easily could have taken the current market value of credits and current total damage done during the war to calculate the IRL cost using your logic, but you didn't. Darn it Thalmor, even if it's not at all an accurate metric, you shoulda done it to increase the quality of the poopost!
  18. It's his winning personality of repetition which brings us closer to peace everyday.
  19. I owe it to Politics and War for getting me interested in programming. I dived into advanced Java, databases, and started learning web frameworks like Spring because of PW projects. The projects I did in PW helped me get invited into university closed developer circles within a week of joining. I've been playing PW-API for the last year, and not PW. It got me to use Discord and Slack, where I joined various developer servers. These servers and their helpful members have acted as mentors for me in the last three years since I didn't have one IRL. And, it got me involved in the international community, where I learned to respect each other's ideologies and be more open-minded than I was before. It taught me to communicate better, even tho I am still pretty stupid at it. I would say it helped me a lot with my real-life communication. And lastly, I made amazing friends. I will probably never forget Politics and War for the rest of life. A lot of us won't. I would like to thank @Alexfor making this game and the older players for shaping the community around it. Yes, PW helps waste time. But you can learn a lot from it the same as real-life.
  20. Now this is not perfect by a long shot because very few in game resources and money is generated through credits, I think, correct me if I am wrong. Using the NPOwned war statistics for this global there has been $2,231,909,296,556 total damage. Right now you can buy 1 Credit for $3.50 USD and can exchange that credit for $15,000,000. Using that conversion rate $2,231,909,296,556 / $15,000,000 = 148,793 credits worth of resources have been destroyed so far in this war. 148,793 * $3.50 = $520,775.50 USD has been destroyed during the global.
  21. Wars are trending longer and longer and most people get tired of the long wars, leading some to even leave the game completely. This change has the opportunity to decrease the length of wars with resource reserves being used quicker. I would say do a test server tournament using these new prices and see how long it takes people to run through resources.
  22. C:\Users\13374dm1ndud3\Desktop\new folder\reactions\laughing-reaction_gif-3.gif
  23. I am unaware of such rules @Archibald, as the Forum Rules page and the "specific Game Report rules" page are not working as of right now, as you've reported yourself to the Staff in another thread. As I've said previously, I'm fairly new in this session of the Forums so I have no idea of it's specific rules and whatnot, so my objective was to help out a member of ours who cannot defend himself, giving him the Human Right of Fair Trial, which includes the right to defense yourself in Court. Staff, I ask that you correct me if I'm wrong, for I have no way of knowing it besides common knowledge.
  24. I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, it worries me...and I know I'm just building up and making money in a neutral alliance for the moment. But... If coalition B is doing its negotiation in private, while at the same time refusing to allow half of coalition A into the private peace talks, and refusing to establish any other peace talks with them in it, How are they supposed to partake in peace talks conducted in private?
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