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I believe we need to give more care to the lower class

Governments need to care more for poor people  

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As a Socialist nation and a socialist minded individual I believe people care more about fluffy their dog by buying him (or her) food more expensive then human food with better ingredients then some human food. Dogs can survive by eating their own barf (and they do sometimes) they can eat out of a trashcan. They don't need your 100% chicken and muscle builder. But do you know who does? People, such as the people who you see on the streets. Don't you see, the government needs to take more care of the poor and low income families if not I and others will.

Also other people in other nations need this care too. In America we still are a splendid nation with richness everywhere to give, but not all nations have this. Just think about this...

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The US disburses the most money of any nation on Earth by far in humanitarian aid. Something like $8.25 billion last year. And that is the figure for just what is called "Humanitarian aid" from the Federal government. That doesn't include any private contributions made to NGO's operating here or overseas. 😵 Americans are quite generous....other governments less so. 

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