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  1. You guys can have a purse fight if you wish. I will write slower. If I destroy a hanger and 15 planes right now the improvement is in the war totals the planes are not. The same thing with all of the military improvements and the items they support.
  2. Easy enough. Been playing with my new fast internet and I noticed if I watch a video about 1/2 the time I receive no money. This worked on my old internet. I am just playing with all of the things in the menu. Not the end of the world. But I do watch some during wars when blockaded
  3. Target City KamenkaBalotaKamenskBerezhkiVysotovoKomarovoSeverogradStary YarMyshkinoKrasnostavZaprudnoeVyshnoyeKhelmChernobylSvetlojarskKalinovkaGrishinoKarmanovkaOrlovetsVerkhnayaTopolinkiVavilovoPetrovkaSoborOlshaZvirZelenogorskBerizinoKozlovkaNewcastle City Age City Infrastructure Last Nuclear Attack 1 days 2,103.17 Last Nuked 491.5 Days Ago War Type Damage Modifier Max Infrastructure Damage Military Action Point Cost 50% 916.27 12
  4. It is far from a BS narrative. I have worked in the big city ghettos for years and seen what goes on. So much welfare money gets turned into drug money. Almost any government program turns into waste and abuse. Handing the government money for a program is like handing a chimp an AK-47. Name a successful government program in the last 40 years. I will wait. Vocational training I am all for. I am for a limited welfare with a maximum lifetime benefit of 5 years. The money handed out right now goes well beyond feeding kids. There needs to be some incentive to get off welfare and not live 38 years in government housing. There were poor before welfare. There will always be some level of poor. Americans have no idea what poor really looks like. Poor does not mean you have only 48 channels of cable. Poor is living in a mudhut making $5 a day selling fish you caught out of a local lake.
  5. You detonated a nuclear weapon upon the nation of IJN dry dock led by Alti. The attack destroyed 1,964.00 infrastructure in the city of Akagi, and killed approximately 196,145 people, you monster! You also destroyed a drydock and an uranium mine, plus 5 ships. Here is a nuke I fired off today. The 5 ships are not added to my damage total. Why ? It does seem like they should be added.
  6. Saw the same thing yesterday when I was sending nukes on my phone
  7. Still broken , I won 2 away games tonight and received zero cash. The cap does not matter to me since I will never hit $2 million in a day or even a month
  8. I understand that. I would think over time the number comes into focus and the number of nuke hits should be along the lines of an 80% hit rate. If not then something seems like it is not as advertised
  9. The US pays poor women to be baby factories at the detriment to society as a whole. Money does nothing to solve the problems of the poor. They need education, job skills and often the basics of reading writing and math. Learning to be self sufficient does way more than just throwing money at them. Section 8 housing , food stamps, welfare in general , free phones all do nothing to break the cycle of poverty. If anything it makes it generational. Welfare in America has destroyed the lower class family and made it fatherless.
  10. Probably my CZ-750 . It is way more accurate than I am
  11. This is my point exactly. The hit ratio in a perfect world is 80% so even 1/2 is lower than the average which should be closer to 1 stopped out of 4, Which would be 75% success. There is not really luck it is a arrhythmical chance. clearly it needs some behind the scenes massaging to bring it in line with the stated results of 20% stopped
  12. My nukes in a recent war went 0/2 against an opponent with a VDS. How ? Why ? It may need some fine tuning behind the scenes. This should be almost impossible with 2 for 2 being much more likely than 0 for 2
  13. I have had it happen a few times as well been going on for the last week at least
  14. I never make much more than $15,000 or so daily baseball revenue . I do not play it that much. My lifetime is under $5 million I had played a few games but trust me I am not anywhere near $2 million a day or even in 12 months
  15. If I destroy a military improvement and all of the tanks, planes , ships that should be added to the war totals tally .
  16. Tested again and still broken 2 wins zero cash
  17. Still not working as of 2 minutes ago won 2 home games and no change on resource bar
  18. Yes we are talking about the resource bar. I will retest it the next time I can find an away game
  19. The chicken came first. But the reality is birds are government spies and the bird recharge on power lines. How do chickens recharge ? What part of the chicken is the nugget? How many nuggets are on a chicken ? How does KFC have nine pieces of a whole chicken when the rest of the industry has eight ? I want a bonus for crusty old guys over let's say 60 years old.
  20. The money does not display in the top right of the resource screen that shows my money on hand. It never changes when I win an away game (which is rare) It does work fine if I play a home game. I will try it again later. So far though no love from the away games.
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