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I'll keep this short and sweet.  Knights Templar had a member continue to attack Oasis members, their government was asked to peace the wars or boot the member.  Last time this member hit us they coun

Just wait till Rose joins, idk which side has the secret treaty but trust me one of them do

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6 hours ago, Thalmor said:

Grave, the head of milcom for TI, got beiged! How could this happen with a 15+ to 1 advantage?

I'll tell you how! There's no morale left already. The Oasis is drying up! The bloc may be disbanded before the next global even starts. Very tragic situation!


I'm guessing that Grave wanted to do the maximum infra damage and thus focused on hitting that instead of other targets. Regardless, your words got me thinking, could Oasis really be flagging? As a member of Oasis Bloc, I decided to see if there was a KT nation that wasn't beiged or fully slotted in close range to my own and join in the fight. Found nothing. So I decided to check all the way up to the maximum that I could hit- all slotted as well. So guessing you're just being your usual humorous self :-p. 

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On 2/12/2021 at 5:51 AM, Mars said:

christmas came late this year, all the 'please raid me' alliances in one place and theyre actually putting up a fight

thank you noob bloc this is amazing and way better than being afk waiting for that god awful nap to end

just please, for the love of god, whatever you do, dont go afk 3 days in, it really takes away from the whole experience

Can we go public with our relationship yet? 

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A KT member taunts a large army of Oasis members from a hill: "You spineless dogs, send over a ten of your best warriors to fight me!" Ten people from across TI, TFP, Aurora, UPN, and SoL go over the hill with the Templar, there are sounds of fighting, screaming, bones breaking, then quiet.

A few minutes later the lone Templar emerges again, and taunts the Oasis members: "You bunch of filthy bastards, send over a hundred of your best warriors to fight me!" A hundred people from across TI, TFP, Aurora, UPN, and SoL go over the hill, there are sounds of fighting, then quiet.

Soon enough the Templar comes out once again, and taunts the assembly of Oasis members: "You pathetic weaklings, send over a thousand of your best warriors to fight me!" Just as the rest of Oasis are once again preparing to go and fight the Templar, one of their comrades - a TI member - crawls up the hill, beaten to a pulp, but still alive and says: "Watch out, guys, it's a trap! There's two of them!"

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