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Free Money!!

Dilly Dilly

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So not really free money more like 4 millions dollars and 1000 steel  to whoever wants to help me out for 30 seconds /  looking for a nation above 1000 nation score to make an alliance for a tiny 1 city nation . now i know what your thinking great another micro alliance but it will serve a purpose . if your up for it send me an ingame message and ill give you details . thanks so much 




or hit up @Dilly Dilly on discord

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Guest Elijah Mikaelson
7 hours ago, George said:

@Alexreminds me should raise the req +++++++++ make it so if it falls under tht said req the alliance disbands and gives the leader the cash 

Alex should make it so when you make an alliance you can not leave it for 30 days tbh

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