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  1. if me and my crew got banned and this fricker dosent im suing
  2. @Alex just ban me on the forums already
  3. so me and my crew just got banned for an accusation that we were multis and war slot filling a fricker we were at war with . which i get why people were to think that because we were 1 city nations attacking a 2 city nation but he got butt hurt because we fricked up his whole alliance and he built to 10 cities in a matter of minutes ( which i think is BS and should be fixed to where you cant do that in wars ) Belive it or not some people play the low tiers . We are a Europa Clan called OSK and we will do the whole BS take a picture with the white sheet a paper with our nation name for you to see are beautiful faces to jack off too. if your llucky becky will show you her tits in the photo for 10 mil in game cash . Dilly Dilly Ninja mike Beckyz *on a side note Fck you alex this game will be dead in 4 months
  4. "I think I cut my penis on the lid" ~ Dwight
  5. Anyone else here not affected by this at all and is just here to see NPO members cry? #godblessAlex #bless the Coalition
  6. Uhhhhh what? I see this as a golden opportunity for you T$!!!
  7. So what your saying is you made a forum post over 15mil dollars? (15 pennys)
  8. I wager you 3 million dollars that you'll make another post here. Brb gonna ask someone to trigger you so you will lol.
  9. Goons are actually pretty alright . I noticed a lot of your forum posts and I came to the conclusion that you follow everything they do every waking minute of the day. Maybe if you stopped worrying about it and focused on yourself or you're alliance or whatever the hell you do in this game you'll come to terms that their just too * Cash Money* for you , I went to war with them and after 2 days they have my vote as the most welcoming alliance in the game.
  10. This video will explain my ambitions #Shout Out to Ninja Mike
  11. Be careful what you wish for . I'll see you in 3 days...
  12. i really hope this is a true statement
  13. you know just for this well attack everyone else except for you . you can just watch lol
  14. Hmmmmmm? Oh Yeah the alliance of One Shot Killas is an alliance back by some very sucky Europa 4 players who smoke way to much pot , seeing we only been around for 10 days ive noticed a lot of ...... BS!! and we like to take an action / stance even though were by far the worst alliance you've ever seen ( seriously dont join your gonna have a bad time) lets keep this short an sweet .. The One Shot Killas declares war on the so called "Goon" alliance. Casao what? you mean Casa Bonita? OH , uhhhh are causa belle is uhhhhh hmmmm *taps foot* ...Oh I got it !!! WE DO NOT FEAR JAZZ Im pretty terrified of pigs though.. Cheeers - Dilly Dilly OSK
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