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Pence used personal email to discuss homeland security issues

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Pence isn't Trump

No, but he did criticize Hillary heavily for the same thing and was one of the "lock her up" people. Also I feel that if the current administration remains quiet on this issue then it is extremely hypocritical.


Ha, ha.....AOL......that's actually still a thing.  I thought that went the way of dial-up!!!

Dial up is still around too, in fact 2.1 million Americans still use it

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Concerns also surrounded Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email account during her tenure as secretary of state. Pence as governor would not have dealt with national security issues as sensitive or as broad as those handled by Clinton in her position or with classified matters.

Pence fiercely criticized Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, accusing her of trying to keep her emails out of public reach and exposing classified information to potential hackers.


Pence spokesman Marc Lotter called any comparisons between Pence and Clinton "absurd," noting that Pence didn't deal with federally classified information as governor. While Pence used a well-known consumer email provider, Clinton had a private server installed in her home, he said.


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Pence's email was actually hacked though, whereas Hillary's was not. That we know of.


It is hypocricy, for sure. But the email allegations against HRC were much ado about nothing. Previous sec of state did same thing. It was a non-story. So its hard to get too worked up about someone else doing it. Even if that someone spent a lot of time blaming HRC for doign what he did.

Duke of House Greyjoy

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That's true, but he did handle national security issues, one of which was an ongoing terrorist investigation mentioned in the article and unlike Hillary's emails there is actual proof that his email account was hacked exposing these kind of investigations. Moral of the story? It is ironic if you criticize someone for mishandling national security issues, when you in fact have done it yourself. It's like calling someone an [email protected]#$ for robbing a bank, when you yourself have robbed a small convenience store you both put someone in danger and are [email protected]#$ coming out of it. Honestly it's kind of sad that people are even trying to defend this.

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